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Reader's Comments: The Honda Element

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Sun, 2 Feb 2003
 I purchased an Element a few days ago. I am 44 years old and work as a Location Scout in the television commercial business. I needed a car that had 4-wheel drive, that I could spill my third cup of coffee in, that I could store all my scouting "stuff" in (flashlights, men working signs, no parking signs, cameras, tripods, step ladders, etc.), that wouldn't get dirty from that cow pasture I just scouted, and that got decent gas mileage since I get a mileage stipend.

Add to these needs the fact that I work in a business where style counts almost as much as substance and you can understand my immediate and unhesitating purchase of this vehicle. If ever they invented a car for a "Location Scout", this is it!

It drives like a dream, I love the well thought out interior, and the sound system is incredible. I think that although Honda targeted this for the kids, it's functionality will make it a hit amongst working professionals who don't want to beat up their Lexus.

My highest rating for this new vehicle and kudos to've converted a former "4-Runner" devotee.


Tue, 10 Dec 2002
Nice review. My wife and I, forty-somethings, will most likely be buying one in mid-December. As someone stated earlier, just because the Element is being marketed to 20-something, Outside magazine-reading, rock climing Alpha males doesn't mean they're the only ones who think it's a cool and practical vehicle. What sold us was the interior space options and the wipe-it-clean upholstery and floor. We like to hike and ski, and have a big dog.....things get wet and dirty. Who wants to worry about ruining the fabric on a $40,000 SUV because you actually want to USE it for something more than going to the grocery store!?! We're looking forward to it.

Mon, 09 Dec 2002
The Honda Element is no doubt a unique and serious-looking sport utility vehicle. It reminds me more of a small Range-Rover type vehicle.....not trying to be sleek and sporty, but a vehicle which invites you to stand up through the removable roof to take pictures of the outdoors, wildlife, etc.  I owned a 2001 Daihatsu Terios while living in El Salvador. It's one of the smallest sport-utility 4WD's available. It had full time 4WD and a simple switch to lock the system for tougher climbs or loose terrain.  A small size vehicle such as this and the Element is excellent for turning around in the middle of narrow beach roads and mountain trails.  There's no way to do that in a tight spot with a Navigator....and then there's also a lot more parking spaces you can fit into in the "urban jungle". I'd like to buy the Honda Element, but I do have one question.. Is it certain that the Element will be sold for at least 2 years (2003 and 2004)??? Buying a new vehicle was not in the budget plans for next year, but if 2003 is my only chance to get one, I can certainly do it. Otherwise, I'll wait until 2004.

Mason, I can assure you that, judging by the reaction this car is getting, it will be around for the foreseeable future

Mon, 09 Dec 2002
I love the look! Maybe ackward looking but NOTHING like the Aztek (Man, it's ugly!). Honda woke up and came back to be the leader of the pact again in new ideas, approach and designs. Bravo!

I have never been a fan of SUVs because of their size, price and gas problem(?!) I was a Honda customer since my first new car in '89, and always bought Civic Si (2) except the last one, an Acura EL. I knew that I wanted an AWD car but could not afford an A4 and thought that a Subaru was more a kind of car for my parents. The cute ute segment had plenty but nothing really caught my attention. I had looked at Honda but never really liked the CR-V.

Will the Element be more fun than a CR-V in the snow? I am not keen on the "Real-Time AWD" stuff. I don't like the fact that the back end has to step out of place (or front wheel spin) for the other 2 wheels to do their job.

Thu, 05 Dec 2002
I am too excited about this vehicle.  It is exactly what we are looking for.  My hubby and I currently have an accord and were looking at the Honda Pilot...but I have fallen in love with the Element.  It is the first vehilce I gave seen that is uni-sex.  Whether male or female it fits.  I cannot wait to purchase it...i guess I should test drive it first :)  On looks alone I am loving it and so is my husband.  Did u all check out the cabana...AWESOME!

Fri, 06 Dec 2002
What is up with the poor fuel economy of this vehicle? It's barely better than my hulking SUV's. If it weren't for this drawback, buying one would be a slam-dunk for me.

Fri, 06 Dec 2002
Message: I am just turning 40 and I really love this vehicle. The only problem is that it does,t have 5 seat belts, so I can take the wife and 3 kids. Generation Y shouldn't have all the fun! Oh well I could always lose the wife..ha ha.
I will try one out in the spring and figure how I can convince my wife that it is the perfect second vehicle.

Sat, 30 Nov 2002
Your presentation properly emphasized the vehicle and properly deemphasized the intended appeal to the "gen Y" buyer.
I am a senior who can use its space for trips to Home Depot.
The engine is a superior powerplant.
I intend to look at a 4WD in the Spring.
If the Auto Show is any indicator, Honda will sell a lot of these to older buyers!

Sat, 30 Nov 2002
I'm real excited about the Element. My wife have been searching for something for a couple months now. And ---wham--- this thing pops up. It seems perfect for what we need.

I just have a small question that I hoped you could answer. I have a 9'2" surfboard. Will this board fit inside the Element? Can you drop the tailgate and drive with it down?

What a cool looking deal. Man, it's like they read my mind!

I told my wife that I don't mind people marketing me if they know what the heck I want. Most SUVs are nothing more than cars. This thing really seems promising.


Sat, 16 Nov 2002
Message: I own The New York City Handyman Service. I have been searching for a vehicle like this one. A blend between a pick up and a van. Working in Manhattan a lot, parking is difficult, this vehicle is just the right size to navigate between jobs. It seems that it will hold my tools and supplies for the day's work.

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