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2007 Lincoln MKX Photo Gallery

by Nick Yost
Photos by Charles Ofria

An all-new replacement for the Lincoln Aviator was announced at the North American International Auto Show on January 9th.  This is an all new car-based vehicle and ill even have a new name.  It will be called the Lincoln MKX.

We originally got the word that the Aviator Replacement was on the way from company executives during the press introduction of the Zephyr, Lincolns new entry-level, front-wheel-drive luxury sedan.

Few details were provided, but Peter Horbury, director of North American design for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln, said the MKX will no longer be an upscale off-shoot of the truck-based Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer sport-utility vehicles.

Instead, he said, it will be transformed from a traditional SUV into a car-based crossover vehicle. That means it will retain the high seating position, cargo-carrying utility and all-wheel-drive of an SUV, but sacrifice serious off-road ability for on-road comfort. It will have a Lincoln-type, luxury-car interior and offer a panoramic moon roof as an option.

Horbury also said the MKX will feature a cab-forward design, which pushes the wheels close to the four corners of the vehicle, and will have clean, simple lines in keeping with Lincoln’s new design philosophy. Its all-new grille will differ from the front-end theme on current Lincoln vehicles.

Company officials declined to divulge any details about the powertrain, suspension or other mechanical components of the upcoming vehicle.


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