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In your ride, there are gaps in between two mating components, that's for sure. To eliminate leakage on those gaps especially during compression stage, automotive gaskets are used. Made from a variety of materials, these automotive components can resist low and high compressive loads. Since there is a wide range of auto components that need gaskets, these are offered in various shapes, sizes, and specifications. When one of your gaskets get blown out or damaged and you need replacement, there's one name to bear in mind - ROL. This company has been providing the industry with top-quality gaskets for several decades now and until now, it remains true to its commitment of filling new demands of the market by expanding its product line.

Karl Haller established Rol manufacturing in 1962 as a family owned company that's dedicated in high-quality and technological innovation. A decade after, it moved to its expanded facilities in Laval, Quebec. Few years after that, Rol Manufacturing of America Inc. was formed to meet the needs of the North American market. Its headquarters was based in Taft, Florida. A year after, that was 1978, the company's line of engine gasket was introduced. In 1984, Rol America moved to Oviedo, Florida, its current location. It was in 1986 when its facility in Canada opened up to manufacture a full line of rubber products.

Despite its humble beginnings, the company has managed to flourish and now it boasts a product line that's constantly expanding to meet the new and changing demands of the market. Rol continues to live by its philosophy of producing the best automotive products available, which makes it gain a well-deserved global reputation as an industry leader. The company now has facilities in the United States, Canada, Israel, and Mexico and it continues to product top of the line products such as Rol Thermostat Housing Gasket.