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For the car owner who's always on the go, a spacious and versatile extra cargo option is considered as a must-have. Sports and outdoor equipments are oftentimes bulky and space consuming, thus the need for additional storage system. Enter the vehicle roof rack. This space saving after-market accessory is close to becoming a de riguer fixture in many vehicles due to its functionality and reliability.
Roof racks come in many variations and are oftentimes custom-made to carry or secure a specific type of cargo. At its basic form, car roof racks are the foundation for adding extra fixtures like luggage racks, ski racks, snowboard racks, watersport racks, roof boxes. A typical auto roof rack usually consists of two roof bars, foot pack and often a vehicle specific fitting kit. As the structure and composition of a vehicle's roof varies, roof racks can be purchased according to the specification of each model of vehicle. This 'customized' approach ensures that strength and safety standards are met and the vehicle is protected from damage when carrying loads.
Most roof racks are fitted with locks while other models provide an option to add locks at any time. Some manufacturers even offer a "one key system" which makes it easier to add lockable accessories to the load carrier. More than being strong, light and safe, roof racks are also aerodynamic, which not only enhances a vehicle's sleek, stylish appearance but also helps reduce wind noise and drag. Roof racks are available to meet every need and activity such as luggage and outdoor equipments, cycling, water sports, winter sports and even for commercial or business purposes.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Roof Rack

    Are you a big fan of adventures? Do you love going to lakes for kayaking, or visiting mountains for hiking with your friends? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then your vehicle should be equipped with a sturdy roof rack. A roof rack is designed to hold and secure large, bulky cargo on your vehicle's roof. Unlike the cargo area, a roof rack can allow you to haul large items such as kayaks, bikes, and skis. Usually made from aluminum, a premium roof rack is mounted on the roof through the vehicle's existing roof rails. To securely carry your items despite road irregularities, some roof racks even come with a key lock security feature. So don't miss out on getting this convenient accessory for your vehicle. Order a roof rack today, from our catalogs at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Ensures that cargo on the roof is safe and secure

    • Helps you maximize your vehicle's storage capabilities

    • Installs easily without the need for drilling