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If you have problems with your ride's transmission belt or brake pads, Roulunds Rubber is the most trusted solution provider. This company satisfies customers not only in the automotive but also in industrial market. This company maintains close cooperation with auto manufacturers to develop and manufacture rubber belts and other products not only for the vehicles running on the road today but also for future generations of automobiles. Roulunds Rubber takes so much pride in having stood for excellent rubber technology for over 250 years. This brand has been acquired by ContiTech AG in 2006.

Do you know that a big number of European and Japanese cars are outfitted with automotive belts from Roulunds Rubber? Among these are cars from Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, GM and many others. These big automakers put their trust in the said company because of its extensive range of test equipment both in physical and chemical laboratories. This array of equipment is used to test Roulunds' products, including its line of Roulunds timing belt, to the standards of the automotive industry both in national and international markets. In fact, this company has gained a number of technical approvals as an original equipment manufacturer.

Aside from high-quality timing belts that do not tolerate twisting and kinking, you can also rely on Roulunds brake pad set. This set contains top-quality brake pads that feature high-quality friction materials and comply with fitting instructions provided by car manufacturers. These brake pads are made with exacting attention to details to ensure that they will work well no matter what the road condition is. Roulunds guarantees that all its products are made mainly in automated production, combined with continuous quality testing and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.