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Running Board Mounting Kit

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Nowadays, almost every truck owner is into big wheels and tires, while eliminating the running boards. The downside to this trend, however, is that trucks tend to have a higher ground clearance. The added height, coupled with the lack of running boards, could make things hard for your passengers.The elderly and kids may have a hard time getting into your vehicle, and an even harder time getting off. A running board mounting kit should help you easily install running boards if your truck has none. Consider it more as an investment in safety more than mere looks.After all, people aren't going to want to ride your truck if they're going to have a hard time getting on and off it. Running boards should give passengers the boost they need to easily and quickly enter and exit your truck, no matter how large the tires are.If you do decide to equip your truck with running boards, a running board mounting kit is easily available here at Carparts.

• Comes with running boards made from heavy-duty steel

• Various designs and sizes to choose from

• Complete with all the hardware needed for quick installation