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Saab 9-5 Cabin Air Filter

Solutions to the Usual Pollution-Caused Saab 9-5 Cabin Air Filter Problems

There's no stopping air pollution, greenhouse gases, the ozone and CO2, and all those scary scientific terms that they say is happening to the air we breathe. This frenzy does not only make us paranoid to almost everything, it also makes the job harder for your Saab 9-5 cabin air filter. With a cloud of pollution almost anywhere, it is easier for the filter to just call it quits. To help you during the times when the towel has been thrown in, we listed the answers to some common problems with the cabin air filter.

Clogged filter

The air filter can get clogged for a number of reasons: the dirt and dust in the air, the evaporated air freshener, the road grime, pebbles, a pair of bugs, a family of insects, you get the idea. Since the filter is exposed to the environment, clogging will eventual happen. If the filter is clogged, then no or little air can pass through. This then causes the air-conditioning system of your car to go bad and be in need of replacement.

Leaking filter

There is also a chance for the filter to leak; symptoms of this problem are the small amounts of water on your floor boards and, sometimes, in the glove box. This is usually a problem observed by car owners who recently had the filter replaced or did some DIY task that involved the filter. The leaks are caused by loose weather stripping on top of the filter which could mean that the stripping is incompatible with the newly installed filter. You can get a compatible weather stripping for the new filter, get a filter compatible with the stripping, or use sealants to hold the material.

Wrong fit

Other than being compatible with the weather stripping, the air filter needs to be right for your car's engine assembly. Since the part is in charge of preventing dirt or insects from entering the system, it needs to sit properly in place. A loose filter can cause leaks (as mentioned above) and fail to stop that family of insects from entering your car through the ventilation system.

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  • How You Can Keep Your Saab 9-5 Cabin Air Filter Healthy

    A healthy respiratory system is not something only you should have; your car's engine needs to breathe properly to function properly. But thanks to pollution, it's very easy for you to be diagnosed with lung cancer and your engine to get clogged and fail. So while we search on the internet for a good hospital to get your cancer treated, busy yourself by reading the tips listed below to help you take care of your Saab 9-5 cabin air filter.

    Clean the assembly frequently

    As you may already know or have at least guessed, the air filter is constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and insects during a drive. This makes it a very easy target for dirt/dust buildup, sludge, or a dead grasshopper. We recommend that you clean the cabin air filter system at least twice a year but, for those who live in heavily polluted cities or places dirty roads, it is best to have it cleaned three to four times a year. The best bet is to have your trusted mechanic or service shop-or car dealer if you're still under warranty-to get the job done. However, there are cleaning kits sold in the market for the job if you're a good-enough DIYer or just someone that hopes to save a little cash. Cleaning the cabin air filter is a fairly easy task so doing the job yourself is a safe option.

    Tighten the filter

    It's impossible for a filter to do its job properly when it's sitting loosely on the assembly. After some time, the weather stripping and bolts of the cabin air filter will get loose. We recommend that you tighten them regularly and replace worn out parts as soon as possible to ensure the performance of your Saab 9-5 cabin air filter.

    Replace the cabin air filter yearly

    A rule of thumb is to replace the cabin air filter after 12,000 to 15,000 miles-20,000, at most, for those installed in cars that are driven in the cleaner part of the country. We recommend that you get it checked every time you are in a service center for an oil change, a tune-up, or a chat with the mechanic.