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Saab 900 Parts and Saab 900 Accessories

Interesting Tidbits about The Saab 900

  • Upon hearing the words "Saab 900," some people would think that it sounds very familiar. If you have read any James Bond novels published in the 1980s, then you would immediately figure out that this is the preferred vehicle of the master spy as described by writer John Gardner Bond. Nicknamed "The Silver Beast," it was special in that it was not provided by Q, but was Bond's own car. The novels became so well-known that in 1982, a Bond Saab 900 Turbo was manufactured, complete with gadgets fit for a secret agent.

  • One of the reasons why the Saab 900 is one of the memorable vehicles in the 1980s is because of its turbocharging technology, a concept unknown amongst European cars during its time. Retaining its unique visual style, it greatly appealed to the average man for its perfect combination of affordability, practicality, low emissions, and high performance. In fact, it can pull off such an amazing performance that it can stand up even to the most modern vehicle today.

  • During its production run, the Saab 900's design and shape never changed in a major fashion. This made the vehicle instantly familiar among enthusiasts. The black moose-proof bumpers, huge back haunches, and massive doors are iconic for the model's exterior. Inside, the memorable aviation-inspired dashboard and surprisingly spacious seats always give off a nostalgic feel.

  • As if it was not enough, the Saab 900 jumped into popularity once more when they designed a "convertible" model to the already well-loved vehicle. Displayed in 1983, it quickly gained a great amount of interest and was immediately put into production. Because the full name of the vehicle is "Saab 900 SE," it became better-known as "The Goose" for the way the name spells similarly.

  • During its second generation, Saab developed an innovative new feature for its prized model. Called the "black panel" design, the illuminations of the panel could be turned on and off either manually or automatically.

  • As a true testament to its lovable design, throughout the years the Saab 900 has been sold in a multitude of variations. There were three and five door hatchbacks, a convertible, the infamous Turbo, and two and four door saloons.

Saab 900 Articles

  • Saab 900 Common Problems

    The Saab 900 is simply of the classics. Anyone who knows cars is aware of its unique design and stellar performance on the road. Because of this, it is still a car many people would want to acquire. However, issues do arise in some of its parts, so it is best to be aware of them when buying one. Here are a few of its most common problems:

    Vehicle Speed

    One of the common problems the Saab 900 has concerns its performance. The issue arises when it meets a particular condition, specifically when the area is very cold and the car has experienced multiple cold starts. At some point, ice could start to form up around the throttle area. When this happens, the vehicle is going to start experiencing problems with its deceleration, leading to greater stopping distances. This could be a major problem especially during accidents, where the driver's life will depend on how fast your car could stop.

    In 1979, over 61,000 units were recalled to upgrade its engine intake system, which makes the heating of cold air much more effective.


    Another concern you should take note is the car's brakes, the discs/pads to be more exact. The brake shield, which is part where the discs/pads should be protected from harmful debris, sometimes does not work. This results in a much weaker braking performance. If ignored, it could result in a road accident.

    Over 7000 Saab 900s were recalled in 1994 to have the brake shield replaced with a newly-designed one. The replacement has a larger cover plate to keep water and road slush away from the discs/pads.

    Electrical system

    Lastly, the Saab 900's electrical system is sometimes not up to standard. To be more precise, the wiring harnesses are installed incorrectly. This leads to them slowly tearing because they are too close to sharp edges, and the short circuit may occur, causing a fire inside your vehicle.

    It was reported in November of 1988 that 70,000 or so units of the Saab 900 were recalled to fix this problem. Rubber strips and plastic cases were installed, in order to prevent sharp edges to getting in contact with the wiring harnesses.