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Saab 900 Car Bra

Going Under Saab 900 Car Bra Problems

Women are not the only ones that have problems with bras. You would be surprised how many men go online and find a solution for the bra's fit and size. Your Saab 900 car bra, along with the bras of other vehicles, is a usual reason for headaches experience by car owners. We listed some of the commonly searched "bra problems" for you, bro.

Car bra paint damage

You may be able to notice that the paint of the car bras ages faster than that of the bumper or fender. No, this is not always because of the car bra's brand. Usually, car bras have an exterior layer of vinyl and a cloth interior; and, as we all know, cloth absorbs water. So every time you leave the car bra on after going for a drive in the rain or clean without removing the car bra, water stays on the cloth layer. The wet layer is the reason for the premature deterioration of the car bra's paint.

Early signs of this problem are the lack of luster of the car bra as well as the bra having a part on a lighter shade than the rest.

Dirt buildup

You have never taken your car out for a drive while raining but still saw paint damage on the car bra? We express our amazement while we tell you that you missed one detail about the car bra. Just like your car's bumper, the car bra is a part constantly bombarded by road dirt, pebbles, dust, and bugs-or a cat. Because of its exposure to the environment, the car bra collects the debris through time. This, then, will constantly scratch against the bra's paint and coating.

On top of the amount of dirt that build-up in the car bra assembly, constant exposure to the sun's rays damages the paint of the car bra. This would only mean that avoiding drives while raining does not ensure a longer service life for your car bra.

Loose car bras

There will also come a time when you notice that the car bra shakes and flutters when you drive. This is common; even newly installed bras can flutter a little. For new bras, the shakes could be caused by a loose installation or a case of installing a car bra that is incompatible with your car's model. For older car bras, age could've taken its toll and perhaps it's time you replace the car bra. You should remember that leaving a loose car bra on risks scratching the other parts near it.

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  • Keeping Your Saab 900 Car Bra On Perfectly

    Some car owners think that a car bra is an instant and easy way to protect the car while making it look good. However, it is NEVER as easy as that. Car bras need to be maintained properly; otherwise it can do the opposite of protecting your car. Here are a few ways how to take care of your Saab 900 car bra:

    Remove the bra after the rain

    Most car bras have a vinyl exterior and a cloth interior; the cloth is the one that gets soaked with water for a long time. If you leave a wet bra on the car, it risks damaging the paint and coating. We recommend that you detach the bra after driving your car out during a rainy day. Allow it to dry and wipe it separate from the car assembly.

    Make sure it isn't loose

    Through time, the car bra gets a bit loose from the assembly; this is something inevitable no matter how good a DIYer you are. Even bras that are recently installed can shake at higher RPMs. Allowing the car bra to shake too much for too long may scratch the paint and damage the car body. We recommend that you re-tighten the bolts on the car bra every five to six months.

    Install bug shields

    Bug shields prevent bugs from entering the hood, hence its name-no brainer in that. However, bug shields also reduce the chances of road pebbles and dirt from reaching the car bra.

    When installing bug shields, you have to remember two things: durability and fit. The shields are fragile and can break even when you have your car washed; be careful when you install it. As for the fit, the shield's spacers have the tendency to fall off. If they become loose, they will rub against and scratch your car's hood and fenders. Make sure that you bolt it on properly and tightly but not too tightly because, as we said, they break easily-a bit complicated, right?

    Scrub the bra regularly

    As you may have already guessed, the car bra is a very good moisture trap. Since the bras are put on the car assembly, they risk accelerating the rust problems for the car body. To somehow avoid this, we recommend that you detach the car bra for a good cleaning every five to six months. When cleaning, you need to make sure that you scrub the underside of the bra properly. Remove all road dirt, stone, and bug you see.