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Saab 900 Window Switch

Usual Problems of Your Saab 900 Window Switch and the Reasons behind Them

Not all vehicles have power windows. In fact, this particular feature used to be available only to luxury cars. But thanks to modern technology, almost all vehicle makes and models are now equipped with this very useful feature. Consider yourself lucky if you own a Saab 900 equipped with reliable power windows. However, even if the power window assembly, as a whole, is robust, its individual components, particularly the window switch, are prone to developing several problems after some time. Here are the most common problems associated with your Saab 900 window switch and their causes:

Windows that move too slow

If your Saab 900's power windows are working, but they are moving up and down more slowly than normal, it is possible that the window switch is not receiving enough electricity from the window motor and the main power source. This power flow interruption can be caused by a dirty window switch, busted electrical wirings, a defective window motor, or an inefficient car battery. If your vehicle is having this problem, you need to check the cables and other window assembly components that send power to the switch; replace them immediately if they are damaged. You may also want to check and lubricate the tracks of the window assembly components. Sometimes, the only problem is that these window system parts get stuck due to rust accumulation and/or old age.

Windows that won't work

Usually, a faulty switch can cause one or two of your car's power windows to not work. If this is the case, you just need to replace the busted Saab 900 window switch to solve the problem. However, if all of the windows are not working, you may want to check the other window assembly components for any problem that may cause this malfunction. The possible culprits are a blown-up or burnt fuse, a broken relay, or a bad jumper. You can test the efficiency of all these window system parts using a test light or an ohmmeter. If any of these parts shows signs of trouble, replace it as soon as possible.

Physical damage

Your Saab 900 window switch is primarily made of sturdy plastic. However, certain factors and circumstances, like careless handling, moisture, road accidents, dirt accumulation, and old age, tend to cause physical damage on the surface and body of the window switch. When a window switch breaks or if it collects a significant amount of dirt and dust, its normal operation may be compromised. A broken switch is difficult to operate. While water contamination can cause the electrical circuits to malfunction, dirt and grime can block the contact points of the switch and the wires that transport power from the source. All these problems can be prevented through proper handling and regular cleaning. However, if your Saab 900 already has any of these problems, you have no other option but to replace the damaged window switch and/or other window assembly parts with new ones.

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  • Helpful Tips in Keeping Your Saab 900 Window Switch in Tiptop Shape

    Your Saab 900's power window feature will be put to waste if the window switch is malfunctioning or completely damaged. These problems are often caused by old age, excessive use, and constant exposure to harmful elements like heat and water. Although its wear and tear is inescapable, you can still do something to extend the power window switch's service life. Here are a couple of tips in maintaining your Saab 900 window switch's excellent condition:

    Inspect the window switch and other window assembly parts.

    Your Saab 900 window switch will not function properly if one of the other window assembly components is damaged. To maintain the normal operation of your vehicle's window switch, you need to examine all the window system parts regularly. These include the motor, fuse, relay, and electrical wires. You may also want inspect the battery and its cables for damage. Broken wires to and from the battery will cause power flow interruptions, which may result in the malfunction of your vehicle's power windows. Checking all these parts from time to time will allow you to replace them before they cause more serious problems.

    Keep the window switch dirt- and moisture-free.

    Dirt and moisture are BIG NO-NOs for your vehicle's power window switch. Moisture can cause short circuits in the switch's electrical wirings, while dirt buildup can block the flow of electricity from the power source to the switch. Considering this, you need to keep your Saab 900 window switch clean and dry at all times. Check the window seals and weather stripping to make sure that there are no leaks, and always close the windows if it's raining. For best results, you can use rags, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol in cleaning the window switch assembly. Remove the switch from the door panel using a flat-head screwdriver, so you can have better access to the hard-to-reach areas of the window switch assembly.

    Replace the window switch if necessary.

    A damaged power window switch can no longer be repaired, so you have no other choice but to replace it with a new one. If you are one of the budget-conscious car owners, you do not need to worry. Replacement units for broken window switches are relatively cheap, and they are very easy to install. In fact, you can do the installation yourself. The process of replacing busted window switches only takes about an hour or less to finish, depending on your level of expertise as a DIYer.