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Saab 9000 Parts and Saab 9000 Accessories

Six Amazing Stuff You Might Not Know about Saab 9000

  • Did you know that the Saab 9000's body was co-designed by Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugaro, the 1999 Car Designer of the Century, who later became an Automotive Hall of Famer in 2002? Giugaro's creativity led him to design some of the world's luxurious cars, such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Ferrari, and Porsche, among others. He was also the designer behind select Nikon camera bodies, Apple prototypes, and even a unique pasta shape called "Marille."

  • The Pan-European programme EUREKA Prometheus Project, which stands for Programme for a European Traffic of Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety, made Saab come up with a notable 9000 prototype that has a center-mounted joystick in place of the typical, accident-prone steering wheel. This modification was deemed to be safer to the driver's face and body than the traditional steering wheel in the event of an collision. This particular Saab 9000 was featured in an episode of Top Gear, a television series in BBC.

  • If you were a fan of Jim Henson's The Muppet Show, then the seats of the Saab 9000 could be quite familiar to you. Saab's head designer Bjrn Envall got his inspiration for the 9000's seats from a certain episode of the famous television series entitled "Pigs in Space," which was a parody of science fiction programmes and serials.

  • Four years before the Saab 9000 ended production, a limited edition "Aero" was introduced by Saab as its most powerful car ever. It had a 225-hp version of Saab's 2.3-L B234 engine, and can accelerate from 50 to 75 mph faster than a Porsche Carrera 4 or its Ferrari counterpart. Sadly, the reign of this powerful Saab was short-lived as its production also ended in 1997.

  • The Saab 9000 is part of the Type Four chassis-a common front wheel drive platform-together with models such as Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema, and Alfa Romeo 164. These cars have similarities, which made them able to interchange their parts. However, the Alfa Romeo 164 was the exception, which only shared the same chassis as the others.

  • Did you know that the Saab 9000 was the first large car that was ever imported to the United States according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency? This is despite it being shorter than the Saab 900.

Saab 9000 Articles

  • Saab 9000 Common Problems

    The first large car ever imported to the United States, the Saab 9000 is known to be not one of the worst cars, but neither one of the best. Although its production ended too soon, second-hand 9000s are still widely used today. For prospective Saab buyers and owners, here are some of the common problems that they might need to take note about their cars:

    Cruise control

    Among the several common problems of the Saab 9000, one of the mostly complained is the cruise control failure due to a faulty pedal switch. The problem starts when the switch becomes misaligned or broken, which causes it to malfunction. This could also be caused by a cracked cruise vacuum hose or a defective cruise control module. A failure in the cruise control system could lead to a possible crash.

    Valve cover gasket

    Oil leaks around the spark plugs and smoking engine compartments are usual sights in a Saab 9000. Another common problem with this model is an oil leakage or smoke coming from the valve cover gasket. This could be attributed to a gasket that has worn-out over time due to several factors as temperature and age. The gasket becomes too loose or too tightened that it can no longer function correctly. When this happens, replacing the gasket is the only way out.

    Manual shift joint

    Long-time Saab 9000 owners know that having a loose manual transmission shifting pattern is a very common problem of their vehicles. This problem usually occurs when the rubber part of the manual shift joint becomes worn-out and separated, making the shifter lose track of the real shift pattern. The manual shift joint should be immediately replaced to keep this problem from happening again.

    Head gasket

    Unfortunately, the Saab 9000's engine is also prone to overheat due to a common head gasket failure. A failed gasket could also lead to worse problems such as coolant contamination, engine smoke coming from the tailpipe, and the presence of oil in the coolant expansion tank. This simple problem could lead to a number of issues that can compromise the Saab 9000's performance.