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For the best in reliable power transmission and smooth gear changing, a Sachs Clutch Kit is the only clear choice. A Sachs Clutch Kit is made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. From a proven and time-tested OE and aftermarket supplier, you can rest assured your Sachs Clutch Kit will have only superior quality components and asbestos-free clutch linings. Clutches tie the engine and transmission together and make it possible to start comfortably from a stand still and they interrupt the flow of power between the engine and transmission when idling or changing gears. Your Sachs Clutch Kit has all the components you'll need, including the special grease required for fitting and problem-free operation. A Sachs Clutch Kit is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions and provide long service life. Sachs offers a complete clutch kit to ensure a one-time replacement. The kit contains a cover assembly, disc assembly, releaser, special lubricant, pilot tool and the pilot bearing and bushing. Sachs makes 35 thousand clutches and 16 thousand releasing devices every day to exact OE specifications.
Sachs Shocks use new materials plus intelligent and optimized productions process to give you a dependable and economical solution. Sachs Shocks have a wide range of twin-tube dampers, mono-tube dampers, leveling control and variable damping systems to replace series dampers or other needs you might have. Performance coordinated Sachs Shocks enable you to achieve the desired look when you tune the car's suspension with the latest ride control technology from decades of development know-how from Sachs' involvement in motor sports. The Sachs Shock Absorber is mounted to the body of your vehicle by a rubber-bonded metal bearing, which isolates the body of the vehicle from vibrations and noise. This mounting bearing is exposed to variable weather and all the other strain placed on your vehicle's suspension system. Sachs recommends you always replace the shock absorber mountings with replacing your shock absorbers to restore your vehicle's original ride quality.
Sachs Strut gas-pressured or hydraulic struts are also manufactured without compromises, and are of course, of the best quality. Reducing the weigh and heightening the comfort and increasing driving safety are the heart of the design for the Sachs Strut. Robust constructions and high quality materials make for a product you can depend on for safety and comfort.
Sachs clutches and shock absorbers are among the most competitive products worldwide, and Sachs also supports automotive repair shops and dealers with an extensive array of services. "Quality made by Sachs" means just that-quality.

Sachs Brand Articles

  • Sachs: Precision & Technology

    Going through rough roads takes away the pleasures of driving. Make sure your car is equipped with the right Sachs suspension parts. That way, you'll be able to experience a smooth and enjoyable trip the whole time.
    Handling and control: you hear and read about them whenever the topic revolves around the use of suspension components. That's because they're the two benefits that suspension parts can give you. Now since suspension parts help you drive safely and comfortably, it's only right for you to trust a brand that works well in ensuring these benefits. After all, it's your welfare that's on the line here. To that, we say Sachs.
    Sachs has been at the forefront of providing components that can help provide you with an enjoyable-and safer-driving experience. It's been known for developing quality suspension parts meant for both racing and street purposes. These parts include components like the shock absorber, steering damper, transmission mount, and strut assembly. Sachs guarantees that each of its products is able to perform at its best without deteriorating quickly. To do this, the manufacturer relies on the use of quality materials such as high-strength steel, titanium alloys, and carbon-friction materials, which are then combined with innovative technology. By producing these types of suspension products, Sachs is able to establish itself as the premier brand among regular car owners and professional racing drivers worldwide.
    By coming up with components that promote better handling and control, Sachs ensures that the well-being of its customers isn't compromised. Aside from making sure they're able to drive safely, Sachs, through its top-class products, also helps them enjoy a smooth driving experience. Thanks to these commitments, Sachs, to date, maintains its hold as one of the brands that car owners unreservedly put their faith in.

  • Choosing the Right Sachs Product, For the Right Job

    Many famous BMW, Mercedes, and VW cars have used Sachs clutches from the factory because of their great feel and long-wearing qualities

    Replacement Sachs clutches can be had for most domestic and imported vehicles, allowing you to enjoy a premium German clutch on your vehicle

    Like the company's clutches, Sachs shocks have been standard equipment on top-performing import vehicles for years

    For OE ride and handling on your German car, specify Sachs shocks when replacement time comes

    Using a Sachs clutch kit on your car is a great way to save some money and get OE-quality performance from your replacement clutch. If you drive a European import, there's a good chance that a Sachs clutch kit is what was originally installed on your vehicle from the factory. You don't have to have an import to get a premium Sachs clutch kit thoughSachs makes their products in replacement form for a variety of American and Japanese vehicles as well. Every Sachs clutch kit comes in a three-piece configuration. Basically, you get a new pressure plate, which is the part that does the clamping on your Sachs clutch kit. Then there's the friction plate, or clutch disc, which acts as the friction sandwich filling to transfer power and torque between the flywheel/pressure plate and the transmission input shaft on your Sachs clutch kit. Finally, there's the all-important throwout bearing. Never replace a clutch without also replacing the throwout bearing, since this little part takes immense loads during clutch operation. Since all three pieces are included in your Sachs clutch kit, you get a brand new clutch ready to install at prices that undercut dealership pricing significantly.

    It's common knowledge in automotive circles that European brands like Mercedes and BMW have some of the finest suspension designs in the industry. And in the suspension, there's arguably no component more important to ride and handling than the shock absorbers. So who do these legendary brands turn to for shocks on their new cars? Sachs shocks are OE equipment on many of the best handling cars in the world, so why not try a set of Sachs shocks on your car or truck? If, on the other hand, you have a BMW or Benz and you need replacement shocks, you can get your car back to its stock handling by using replacement Sachs shocks. Since your vehicle's suspension tuning was originally designed to work with Sachs shocks, replacement Sachs shocks can give you OE ride quality at a great price. There are also high-performance Sachs shocks available that will fit just like your stock shocks but provide exceptional levels of cornering, braking, and handling balance on your car. And don't forget: Shocks wear gradually, so you may not even notice how sloppy your handling has gotten. Add a new set of Sachs shocks now, and you'll be amazed at the smoothness and control you regain on your vehicle.

    As space and weight restrictions have become increasingly limiting factors in car design over the years, the Sachs strut has become more common and more effective. Early suspension designs utilizing the Sachs strut were compromises, but Sachs strut suspension geometry has caught up with the performance world, and leading cars are leaving the factory equipped with high-performance Sachs strut setups under their wheelwells. So why use a Sachs strut or Sachs strut cartridge on your vehicle? Sachs has been one of the largest suppliers of premium automotive components to the German car industry for decades now. They possess the know-how and drive to create a Sachs strut that not only exceeds OE performance specifications, but that exceeds your expectations when it comes to strut performance. Hardened, heat-treated steels are used throughout, and most Sachs strut offerings are gas-charged to prevent foaming and aeration in the damping fluid. That means your Sachs strut is going to maintain its composure in hard cornering and over rough surfaces, and you're going to feel the Sachs strut difference from behind the wheel. Whether or not you drive a European car, there may be a replacement Sachs strut or Sachs strut cartridge available for your vehicle. And if you like to drive hard, it's well worth it to check on Sachs strut availability for your car.