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Saturn L100 Parts and Saturn L100 Accessories

Interesting Facts about Saturn L100

  • Saturn L100 is part of Saturn's L-Series sold by the American automotive company, General Motors. The models under this series came as mid-size coupes and station wagons that were first introduced for the 2000 model year. The brand came up with the new multi-million series in an attempt to attract more consumers all over the world and address the major drop of GM's sales in the latter part of the ‘90s.
  • The L100 model was officially introduced in 2001 as part of a new set of models including the L200, L300, LW200, and LW300. All of the new models were reinventions of former L-Series units introduced to people in the previous year. These cars, however, are still pretty much the same as the older models, except that the new ones have bigger fuel tanks as well as shoulder belts for the center rear seat.
  • In 2003, General Motors decided to discontinue the production of the Saturn L100 due to low demand. Soon after, production of the L-Series station wagons was canceled, paving the way for newer and better models from the brand.
  • One of the main reasons why the Saturn L100 and the whole L-Series was pulled out by General Motors from the market is because of the recurring problems and complaints on the quality of the car models. Most of the consumer complaints are focused on transmission failures, engine failures, too much vibration, persistent tire noise, and poor overall fit among others.
  • The Saturn L100 and all the other models included in the L-Series carried some designs that are patterned on the European Opel or Vauxhall Vectra, which is one of the most popular and sought after car design from General Motors.
  • All the units under the Saturn L-Series are particularly manufactured at the GM plant in Wilmington, Delaware. It was an old plant that has long been owned by the brand, but was specially renovated and retooled to accommodate mass production of L100 and other models in the series.
  • Saturn tried to compete with the more popular car models at the time the L-Series was introduced, specifically the likes of Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, which were among the list of best-selling cars in the United States of all time.

Saturn L100 Articles

  • Common Problems with the Saturn L100

    The Saturn L100 was one of the models offered by General Motors as part of its L-Series, which aimed to help bring the brand back into the competitive picture of auto making. Although the designs of the models under the line were deemed to be a combination of the basic trimmings of the European Opel/Vauxhall Vectra and Saturn, the L100 and the rest of the L-Series still managed to make its own identity stand out among a sea of car units in the market. However, certain problems still haunted the car models, thereby causing its fast and unanticipated downfall a few years after its official introduction. Here are some of the common problems of the Saturn L100:


    One major complaint of Saturn L100 owners is the transmission of their vehicles. Most of the models in Saturn's L-Series have an automatic transmission, which is supposed to make driving so much easier for the consumers. Instead, they found it extremely hard to maneuver the vehicle the way they want to. What made the transmission problems double the hassle for car Saturn L100 owners is the fact that repairs cost them so much money. It is very difficult and expensive to maintain the car, especially since it does not come in the best quality.

    Windshield wipers

    Another common issue on the Saturn L100 is a defective pair of windshield wipers. There are a lot of instances when the wipers fail to work just when the car owners needed to get rid of moist or dirt on their windshields. This could be a huge blow on the image of the Saturn L100 and the entire L-Series, especially since safety is one of the most important factors in choosing to buy a car. Faulty windshield wipers could take a toll on the overall marketability and functionality of a vehicle, and it could turn away possible consumers.

    Seat belt failure

    For a number of L100 owners, the seat belt mechanism of their cars tends to malfunction for quite a number of times. A lot of people also often complain that the seat belt buckle of their Saturn L100 becomes defective after a slight collision. This becomes a hassle for the consumers because they don't get to use their seat belts properly. This also poses a higher risk for the people as well as the possibility of violating the law against not wearing a seat belt while driving or riding a car.