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Saturn Ls1 Parts and Saturn Ls1 Accessories

Six Interesting Facts about the Saturn LS1

  • The Saturn LS1 was part of the series that launched Saturn's entry to the middle-size sedan market. Before the launch of the L-Series in 2000, General Motors only ever manufactured and sold compact cars under the Saturn marque. The LS1 received generally good reviews from auto enthusiasts and was even said to be comparable to the reigning midsize sedans during that time: the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.
  • The Saturn LS1 badge was uniquely assigned to the 2000 midsize sedan that was wedged between the LS and the LS2 in terms of features and options. The LS1 and the two other sedans in the L-series were rebadged as the L100, L200, and L300 for the next model year and they retained the new naming system until the final vehicle concluded the production of all models in the L-series in 2004.
  • With a nomination for Motor Trend's 2000 Car of the Year and Car and Driver's Ten Best List for 2000, the Saturn LS1 joined the market with hopes of a bright future ahead. However, stiff competition from Ford, Honda, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Lexus, and Chrysler stopped the LS1 from getting either award.
  • Although the Saturn LS1 was said to have been based on the Opel Vectra, Saturn was quick to point out that the LS1 actually shared less similarities to the Vectra than expected. In fact, an engineer for Saturn once unloaded 132 parts from a laundry basket during a press preview for the Saturn L-series and noted that those were the only exactly identical parts that the L-series cars shared with the Opel Vectra.
  • The engine that powered the Saturn LS1, a 2.2 liter DOHC 16V 4-cylinder engine, served as an introduction the new Powertrain division of General Motors during that time. This particular engine, along with the 3.0 liter DOHC 24V V6 that powered the other vehicles in the 2000 L-series, jumpstarted the onslaught of newer, better engines that General Motors will put into their vehicles in the succeeding years.
  • With a whopping eight color options, the Saturn LS1 definitely gave its consumers the ultimate design choice. The most popular colors among the choices are blackberry pearl, bright white, and medium gold.

Saturn Ls1 Articles

  • Common Problems Owners are Likely to Experience with Saturn LS1

    The LS1 is Saturn's official entry in one of the industry's most competitive segment-the mid-size sedan. Jumping into this market is no easy task for the company for it has to face at least 10 competitors, including the country's two best selling vehicles-Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. However, Saturn folks have managed to build a vehicle that fared well in the crowded market-the L-series, which includes the LS1. Performance-wise, the LS1 does not disappoint. But like other vehicles, Saturn LS1 also has its own share of shortcomings. If you own an LS1, here are the common problems you are likely to encounter:


    Saturn LS1 models equipped with 2.2L L4 engines may experience poor idle quality and engine power after a while. The vehicle can also be difficult to start. These problems can be caused by ignition control module failure. It's easy to pinpoint such condition because operating your LS1 with faulty ignition control module will result in flashing “service engine soon” light.

    The NHTSA has issued a recall for affected vehicles in July 2003. But for those who failed to bring their Saturn to the dealer, the problem can be remedied by replacing the ignition control module and the spark plugs and updating the powertrain control module, depending on the extent of the damage.

    Seat belts

    The NHTSA issued another recall for 2000-model year Saturn LS1 due to seat belt malfunction. In the event of collision, the vehicle occupant may not be restrained properly. According to the details of the recall, the buckle base of TRW seat belt buckle assemblies is not heat treated, so these assemblies failed to comply with pass-the-load bearing requirement of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209. As a remedy, dealers will inspect the date codes of the safety belt buckle assembly and will replace the assembly if necessary.

    General complaints

    There are also Saturn LS1 owners who complained that their check engine light keeps on flashing even after replacing some parts and having the engine checked. Some also reported serious problems with their timing chain and their engine's zero tolerance. Other minor issues raised by LS1 drivers are car doors that fail to lock, leaking air conditioning, and sticky pedal.