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Saturn LW200 Parts and Saturn LW200 Accessories

Interesting Facts about the Saturn LW200

  • The LW200 was part of the new model designations released by General Motors for the L-series in 2001. During that time, GM developers also equipped the new units with larger fuel tanks for better performance and efficiency, and shoulder seat belts for additional safety. It was also a deviation from the previous nomenclature of the Saturn wagons, which were formerly known as LW1 and LW2.

  • The Saturn L-series designs were based on the same structures used in the production of the large family car, Opel Vectra. Opel is a German automobile company and subsidiary of General Motors. The same structure paved the way for the LW200's rigid body, which perfectly matches the size of the vehicle.

  • Despite being manufactured based on Opel's Vectra model, the developers of the Saturn LW200 saw to it that the vehicle would cater to the needs and demands of consumers in the United States. The LW200 units were also built in General Motors' Delaware plant.

  • The L-series, where the LW200 is part of, made use of the polymer panels that are common among Saturn models. This feature makes the wagon resistant of rust and dent, thereby allowing owners to keep it looking new and classy. These panels are attached to a steel frame that supports the entire body of the LW200 and looks the same way as other Saturn models do.

  • The LW200 is often praised for its agility and stability, especially when making turns even on high speed. This is one of the features developed by the Saturn engineers alongside the much improved suspension system and automatic transmission.

  • Some of the unique features that the Saturn LW200 boasts of are the 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, the power driver's seat, and the liftgate, which is known as one of the easiest to operate even with one hand.

  • General Motors' Saturn L-series only stayed in the market for five years. After officially being introduced in 2000, GM ordered for the cancellation of the series for the 2005 model year due to poor sales and repeated complaints on its quality. During its entire run, GM was able to produce a total of 406,300 units for the Saturn L-series.

Saturn LW200 Articles

  • Saturn LW200 Problems

    General Motors introduced the Saturn LW200 as part of its mid-size wagon and sedan series. The wagon was equipped with a lot of new features that was unique to the General Motors' line at the time. This made it possible for Saturn to conquer the market after being officially introduced to consumers in the year 2000. However, as years went on, a lot of people began noticing problems on the Saturn LW200, which may also be among the reasons why the model's sales have significantly dropped. Taking note of some of the most common problems found on Saturn LW200 could be of great help for consumers. This may surely save them from the hassle of having to go to the mechanic all the time.

    Burning smell

    There are instances when people complained of a burning smell while inside their LW200 units. This may be a cause of panic for some, especially for those who do not have a clue as to what could be causing the foul odor. Oftentimes, the burning smell is caused by an oil leak on the engine.

    Oil leaks and the eventual burning smell can actually be prevented in very simple ways. Just make sure that the covers are sealed tight, so there wouldn't be enough space for the oil to drip from. Also, check the condition of the fuel tank and valve cover gaskets every once in a while.

    PassLock System

    The PassLock System is a unique feature among car models from General Motors. It was developed to ensure the security of the vehicles even when parked in a public and unguarded area. A lot of people agree that it is very effective in keeping the LW200 safe at all times. However, there are reports when the wagons would not start even when the fuel pump and spark plugs are working perfectly fine. The security system affects the car's ignition because it shuts off the gas to prevent car theft.

    Fortunately for LW200 owners, this may be prevented by disarming the PassLock security system, especially for those who aLWays keep their LW200s in safe areas. Besides, there are other security measures available for vehicles that do not affect the ignition.