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Saturn SC1 Parts and Saturn SC1 Accessories

How the SC1 Helped Launch Saturn

  • Saturn was a subsidiary of General Motors (GM). It's very interesting to note it wasn't originally planned to be a standalone brand. At first, the people who founded the company and held the designs of the SC1 and other S-Series cars wanted these to be simply models for one of the other companies under GM. Imagine how things might have been if the Saturn cars people love ended up being under Chevy, GMC, Buick, or Cadillac.

  • Tracing the roots and history of the SC1 can be quite difficult. At first, there was only the SC. When a new generation came out, the former SC became the SC2. A new but similar car was created and named the SC1. For owners, enthusiasts, and researchers, having this little information may help in sorting through tons of facts about the car.

  • The SC1 was one of the first cars released by Saturn. This went into production alongside other classic models such as the SL and SW. These cars were all made from the Z-body platform that was designed for the sole use of Saturn cars. This platform was penned by the in-house designers and didn't require much contribution from those of other GM companies. As a result, the S-Series models looked unique and different.

  • The two things that people liked about the SC1 were its very strong body and its fuel efficiency. The innovation and design of its unique Z-body platform utilized special materials for the door panel that made it very resistant to dents. As far as fuel economy was concerned, it was ranked among the highest cars with the best rating in mileage.

  • Working independently from GM, Saturn and its SC1 had its own share of fame and success. The positives may have been too much that other GM companies became worried that the new firm may eventually leave the group soon. Unfortunately, things didn't end the way Saturn wanted it to as it folded in 2010. Still, there's no denying the short mark it left in the automotive industry.

  • Not only was the SC1 a hit on the streets. Some units of the car were lucky enough to experience bright movie lights and make their way to the silver screen. The car can be seen making a cameo in the 1993 movie Big Momma's House that starred Martin Lawrence and the 2003 film Elf which had Will Ferrell as the lead. The SC1 was given a bigger role in a chase scene of the 2006 block buster Mission Impossible III.

Saturn SC1 Articles

  • Mechanical Issues of the Saturn SC1

    The Saturn SC1 is a sedan that can perfectly serve as the everyday commuter or as the sleek sports car. However, one should know that the car has major concerns with its parts that affect both performance and safety. Recalls, service tips, and technical service bulletins are available to help anybody who is affected by such concerns. These areas should be looked at as soon as possible to prevent very dangerous and deadly consequences. The following are some of those issues:

    Gear box

    It seems that automatic transmissions never fail to be the source of headaches for car owners. The one in the SC1 has its share of problems as well. Owners report that the car has difficulty changing gears. It needs a very high RPM before it even tries to shift. When the attempt finally happens, it may experience a slip and not engage first before it does. The long process is complete when a hard and unsettling knock is experienced. Even so, the problem isn't over because there may also be a grinding noise once the gear runs.

    Seats and seat belt

    The SC1's interior also carries questionable components that affect the vehicle's overall safety. The seats are one of those threats. The teeth and gears for the reclining mechanism tend to wear and fail. A loose recliner results in backrests that drop without warning. This is very dangerous especially when the seat in question is the driver's seat. Aside from the chairs, the seat belts that secure passengers in case of a collision are another problem area. It seems that some units have assemblies improperly bolted in. These could give way and not hold passengers back properly.

    Fuel system

    The fuel system of the SC1 fails to meet certain safety standards that require cars to have a tough assembly to keep fuel inside the tank and lines. It was necessary to recall the ones on the Saturn because of vent valves that didn't function well. This defect can result in spilled and ignited fuel in case the car rolls over. Once taken in the dealer, the valves may be welded if possible, or the whole assembly may be replaced if it's beyond repair.