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Saturn SC2 Parts and Saturn SC2 Accessories

Saturn SC2 was part of the Saturn S-series compact car that was marketed from 1990 up to the end of the 2002 before it was replaced by the Saturn Ion. It its first year, the SC2 comes with a very unique styling, very unique in fact that the vehicle is recognizable even in the midst of the crowd which could be described as clean and smooth. The body-colored bumpers coupled with wide tire mostly on alloy wheels create a distinguished look that claims to be pure Saturn. The lowered trunk contributes to the overall image effect which is also helpful for cargo loading and unloading. Another thing to note about the SC2 is the plastic body panels which leave no mark during contact with shopping carts of other doors. Interior is properly positioned. The console and dashboard are matched perfectly though the motorized seat beats in 1995 is irritating.

Engines are offered either on 1.9 liters SOHC or 1.9 liters DOHC inline four-cylinders. With these, acceleration is adequate and fuel economy is at 40 miles per gallon. Safety is also guaranteed with the SC2 possessing dual airbags, ABS and more.

The SC2 got bigger in 1998. Engine was upgraded to double overhead cam 16-valve version that produces 124 horsepower. Interior was also improved and more comfort features were added. In the last years of SC2, the design got bolder and better. The headlights were more distinguished and the body featured several tone colors. The wheelbase was increased and the interior room grew, though the engines were remained at 1.9 liter.

Overall, the Saturn SC2 was one of Saturn's best models. The design created the basis of the Ion. And although the model was already retired, owner must not worry for Saturn SC2 parts are widely available on the market.