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Saturn Side Marker Lights

Troubleshooting Saturn Side Marker Lights

Did you know that by simple having functional side marker lights on your vehicle, you could actually help prevent about 100,000 nonfatal road-related accidents and injuries per year? Basing from this statistics, all types of vehicles in North America were required to have front and rear side markers. So if your Saturn side marker lights seem to be acting up, better check them up before you get flagged. Here are some tips that you can follow:

No power.

Your Saturn side marker lights, just like the other automotive lightings, help you see vehicles that are approaching at an angle ahead, especially at night. This precaution could prevent road accidents or at least minimize the severity of the crash. But if your side marker lights are busted, you are at risk of all possible kinds of accidents. Dead lights are usually due to either a blown fuse or busted bulbs. Check your vehicle's fuse box for any blown fuse at the side marker bulb assembly. Reattach any loose electrical connection to the assembly and check if the lights will work. If not, try replacing the bulb with a new one. If the lights will work this time, then the bulbs are already busted.

One light is dead.

Both front and rear side marker lights are required to be used when driving at night. If one side marker light won't work, start diagnosing the problem. Open your vehicle's hood and check the under-hood fuse box. Locate the fuses for the side marker lights assembly and look for a blown fuse. Usually, you can determine if a fuse is blown if it has a broken metal inside it. Replace any blown fuse immediately. Also, make sure that all the connections are intact and that all the lights are receiving sufficient power. You can use a multimeter to check the voltage. A busted bulb could also be a culprit in this problem. Replace any broken bulb as soon as possible to restore your side marker lights.

Lenses are cracked.

Over time, the lenses of your side marker lights will wear out. Having cracked lenses increases the risk of your bulbs getting broken. In this case, you have no choice but to replace them. Replacement lenses made from high-quality and durable plastic are readily available in any auto parts store.

Saturn Side Marker Lights Models

  • Four Useful Tips on How to Maintain Your Saturn Side Marker Lights

    You are about to enter the alley on your right when another vehicle cuts through. And just like that, your two-year old Saturn is dented. This, and even worse accidents could happen to your precious vehicle if you don't have a working side marker lights. You might regret that keeping them in good condition is as easy as tying your shoe laces. So before you miss your chance, follow these quick tips on how to maintain your Saturn side marker lights:

    Replace cracked lenses.

    Having cracked lenses on your side marker lights increases the chances of them getting broken and damaging the bulbs. When this happens, you need to replace the bulbs even if they are still in good condition. So if you have cracked plastic lenses, you need to replace them immediately to avoid making matters worse and spending more. You can buy lens replacements by piece or by set, so you can replace all the cracked ones in one sitting.

    Replace busted bulbs.

    If you have a broken or dead side marker light bulb, there is no other way but to replace it. Once its filament wears out, it won't lit up again. Don't drive your vehicle with busted side marker lights if you want to have a safe ride. Replace all busted bulbs with new ones immediately.

    Check the fuses.

    Whenever you check your vehicle's under-hood components, take time to check the fuse box and look for any blown fuse. Locate the side marker lights assembly and check if there is any fuse with a broken metal. Replace it immediately with a new one to restore your lights.

    Keep it clean.

    Whenever you wash your car, aside from your headlights and tail lights, make it a point to wash your side marker lights to keep the lenses from fading or cracking. Use a mild cleanser and water to wash off the dirt from the lenses. Clean the insides of the lenses as well and check for broken parts. Cleaning them is important as dirt could build up on the lenses and cause the lights to appear dimmer. Having dim side marker lights could be very risky since some drivers won't be able to see your signals properly.