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Saturn Sl Hubcaps

Saturn SI Hubcaps: Uncovering Some of the Common Problems

The hubcaps of your Saturn SI are decorative add-ons to your vehicle that can easily grab anyone's attention. However, since they are located on the surface of the wheels, they are prone to dirt and damage from road spray. Aside from that, the uneven road surface can also cause the hubcaps to fall-off. If you begin to notice that the hubcaps of your car are starting to show symptoms, then you have to do some troubleshooting. Here are some of the common problems you have to take note:

Loose hubcaps

There can be a number of reasons why the hubcaps of your vehicle suddenly becomes loose. One of them is the impact the wheels receive from driving over bumps and potholes. Another possible reason is the lubricant products or silicone you might have applied on the surface of the steel wheels. This can cause the hubcaps to slip and roll off the vehicle. Last one is a deformed wheel that fails to hold the hubcaps properly. To solve these problems, you can use a nylon tie that can hold the hubcaps in place.

Scratches and rust on the hubcap's surface

Scratches on your Saturn SI hubcaps are inevitable because they can easily come from road spray wherever you drive. However, if the scratches are not removed immediately, they can turn to rust and spread all over the hubcap. When this happens, you have to prepare materials like a brass wire wheel and steel wool to remove the rust on the surface. When the rust has been completely wiped out, you can paint the hubcap and protect it from scratches. Buffing the hubcap and applying a plastic cleaner is also a good way to maintain your car's hubcaps.

Fading hubcap coating

Another common issue with the hubcaps is the fading paint or coating. This happens when the hubcaps are old or not cleaned properly. Aside from that, the harmful effect of the sun's UV rays contribute to the fading as well. To make your hubcaps shine once again, you can repaint it after you've wet sanded its surface. You should also use an automotive primer, spray paint, and an automotive clear coat to top it off.

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  • Saturn SI Hubcaps: Three Tips to Maximize Their Appeal

    Aside from protecting the wheels of your car, the hubcaps of your Saturn SI also add design and distinction. Since the hubcaps are attached on the wheels, they are prone to damage from road debris; and if they're not cleaned properly, they will accumulate dirt and may soon discolor. To prevent this from happening to your slick hubcaps, here are some maintenance tips you can do in your own garage:

    Clean the hubcaps regularly.

    Dirt and mud from the road can easily stick on the hub caps of your car especially on a rainy season. What you need to do avoid this is to clean your Saturn SI hubcaps every week. If you have chrome hubcaps on your car, you should use automotive chrome cleaner and a lint-free rag to remove the dirt and mud. Remember to rinse the cleaner on the hubcap's surface thoroughly with water and dry it completely to prevent water spots.

    Check the proper attachment of the hubcaps on the wheels.

    The impact your car receives from uneven road surfaces can cause the hubcaps to loosen or fall off from the wheels. You should inspect the installing ring of the hubcaps once in a while and check if it still properly aligned. Aside from that, you should also check if the installing ring is showing signs of rusting. You have to remove the rust immediately before it spreads on the wheel of the car. If you remove the hubcaps of your car every time you clean it, then make sure that the retainer rings are in their proper alignment when you snap them back on the wheels.

    Polish and protect the hubcaps.

    Aside from cleaning the hubcaps of your car, you should also polish them to maintain that slick look. Not only does polishing make the hubcaps shine, but it can also protect its surface. However, you need to find the right type of wax for your hubcaps. Ordinary or conventional waxes become sticky when the wheels heat up from driving, and they will only attract dirt and cause a buildup.