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Saturn Sl Side Marker Lights

Light Crisis: Troubleshooting Your Saturn SL Side Marker Lights

When you're out driving on a dark road or a poorly lit area, you need all the light you can get. Fortunately, your vehicle has a built-in source of illumination to guarantee your safety. Each bulb in your front and rear light assemblies is important to increase your visibility and prevent accidents, so you must ensure they're all working fine before hitting the road. Going out with busted side marker lights, for example, will not only decrease your visibility, but it will also give traffic enforcers a reason to issue you a ticket or a heavy fine. Your Saturn SL side marker lights may seem insignificant compared to your headlights, but they're extremely useful whenever you're changing lanes. These lights also emphasize your vehicle's full length and width to inform other drivers of your exact position, so you're 100% safe from collisions even when driving under poor lighting conditions. If your side marker lights are acting up, do some troubleshooting right away to save them from total damage. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Busted fuse

This is one of the most common causes of side marker light failure. Some drivers may think side markers are not equipped with their own fuse, so they may find it difficult to pinpoint the cause of the problem. A busted fuse may cause your side markers to flicker and eventually die. Often, the side markers will go out simultaneously once the fuse blows. If there's zero power from your side markers, locate their fuse from the panel box and take it out for inspection. Your owner's manual may help you find the correct fuse if you're having a difficult time distinguishing it from the other fuses in the box. To check the fuse for damage, inspect the metal inside it. If the metal's broken, then you need to replace the blown fuse right away to restore power to your side markers.

Burnt-out bulb

If only one of your side marker lights is not working, then a burnt-out bulb is the most likely cause of the problem. Bulbs may cease to function after several years of use, so you need to check on their condition from time to time. A visual inspection can help you see whether the side marker bulb needs replacing. To prevent your side markers from failing completely, burnt-out bulbs should be replaced right away. You should also secure any loose electrical connections to prevent side marker problems in the future.

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  • Keeping Your Saturn SL Side Marker Lights Up and Running

    When performing regular maintenance, some drivers prioritize headlights and tail lights over side markers. While it is true that they're not the main sources of light, side markers also require proper care and attention. These auxiliary lights reinforce the beam of your headlights so that you'll get better visibility when driving in poorly lit areas. Plus, they're also highly useful in emphasizing your vehicle's full profile, so other drivers will be informed of your precise location and position on the road. You can also rely on your side markers when you're changing lanes to avoid accidents and rear- or front-end collisions. Since side markers help ensure your safety on the road, you should reward them with adequate care and regular maintenance. Don't inspect them only when they start to malfunction because it may then be too late for you to save them from complete failure. Follow the tips we've listed below to keep your Saturn SL side marker lights in good condition.

    Clean and polish your side marker lenses regularly.

    Foggy and dirty lenses will make it difficult for your side markers to reach their maximum light capacity. If the lenses are heavily fogged and extremely dirty, light may not be able to penetrate the plastic effectively. As a result, your side markers will give off weak beams that may decrease your visibility and endanger your safety on the road. If you want to achieve better illumination and avoid staggering replacement or repair costs, then you must clean and polish your side marker lenses on a regular basis. Sandpaper with a grit size of 1,000 and a bit of polishing compound can help remove scratches from the surface and restore the shine of your lenses. Also, rubbing car wax on your side marker lenses regularly can help protect them from dullness.

    Replace a blown fuse or a busted bulb.

    A blown fuse and a busted bulb are the two main causes of premature side marker light failure. When the fuse or the bulb goes out, you need to replace it right away to get your side markers running again. Making sure the bulb and the fuse are well-maintained is the easiest way to guarantee your side markers will work properly all the time. Failure to do so may result in more expensive repair and replacement costs in the future.