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Saturn SL1 Parts and Saturn SL1 Accessories

The Saturn SL1 had the proud distinction of being the first in a long time of Saturn vehicleseffectively kick-starting a 20-year long run that put Saturn on the map. The SL1 was, specifically, the sedan of the entire series. It had two very unique things going for it. First, it was completely developed in-house by Saturn. This was important because it meant that the SL1 would be distinct from parent company General Motors' own line of vehicles. Second, the SL1 incorporated dent-resistant panelingthis was, in fact, a major selling point for Saturn that few others could match!

In keeping with its goal to provide a different kind of car experience, the Saturn SL1 was given a modest Single Overhead Camshaft 1.9-L I4 Lk0 engine that was capable of 85 hp output. This meant that there was a balance between power and fuel economy that was hard to distinguish from one another. The SL1 certainly felt powerful and zipped along rather quicklybut users would note that in terms of miles to the gallon, they came out on top. It was a revolution in design too, the front end angling sharply forward and downward to make it look like a shiny bullet of sorts speeding down the highway.

By 2002, the Saturn SL1 reaches the end of an otherwise successful production run when it is replaced by a more GM-friendly platform, seeing the ultimate end to Saturn's in-house designing. Discontinued hardly means "dead" when it comes to the SL1, though. It is still enjoying a great deal of buzz due to the fact that it offered a premium, dependable ride at a less than premium price. Given that its retirement was only a decade earlier, you will be surprised that there is still a thriving market of high-quality Saturn SL1 parts and accessories out there for any replacements and upgrades you might need for your sedan.