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Contributing top-performance automobile replacement parts to the automotive industry for 45 years, Schadek upholds quality, tradition, and competence. The company is a proud manufacturer of pumps of all types, fittings, valves, tubes, and important automotive accessories. All of these products are pressure-cast using aluminum, zamak, and magnesium raw materials. On top of all these characteristics, what makes Schadek different from the rest is the ability to manufacture the parts by demand using drawings or even just samples provided by their customers.

Schadek oil pump best exemplifies the type of products that the manufacturer produces. This product is basically made for direct-replacement purposes and thus, standard specifications are used. But with the use of better and well-selected high-grade raw materials and state-of-the-art facilities, the resulting products are of better quality and longer service life. Schadek's team of designers and professionals also ensure that these products will surely perk up the standard functions of the original parts they will be used in place of. Non-destructive tests are done on each product to this effect.

Replacement products from Schadek are also practical choices. Designed for direct replacement purposes, DIY installation can be opted. This will allow every auto owner or fleet manager save from service fees being charged by auto repair shops. Still, the complexity of the vehicle's system and the technicality of the replacement task may be a bit tricky. The manufacturer included step-by-step guide, which if used and followed, will help even a practicing enthusiast to get the job done correctly. For safety precautions, it is recommended that the negative cable of the battery be disconnected and that one should use protective gears.