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Did you know that almost 250,000 accidents happen in the United States every year because of low tire pressure? Yes, it's true and this is what makes tires the most critical safety component of any vehicle. However, most of us ignore our vehicle's tires and assume that nothing's wrong with them unless one of them looks flat. It is important that you regularly check your tire pressure because tire failure especially when you're running on top speeds could have serious consequences. That's the reason why Schrader is here. Its remote tire pressure monitoring system has dramatically improved to provide you with exactly what you need for your ride.

With its high level of designing and manufacturing expertise, Schrader is able to provide the automotive industry with key electronic solutions. A part of Tomkins PLC, there is no doubt that this is now the market leader in the manufacture of remote tire pressure monitoring products. To come up with new original products such as the fuel level sensor, Schrader has leveraged its know-how in sensing and radio frequency technologies. The company's design and manufacturing is based in Antrim, Northern Ireland and it has regional Sales and Marketing and Engineering support offices in 11 countries worldwide which includes France, Japan, and the US.

At present, Schrader supplies almost all car manufacturers like Ford, GM. Nissan, Chrysler, and many others and lately, it has been awarded the first global Motor Cycle contract for OE supply of TPMS with BMW. The Schrader tire pressure sensor comes in two types - clamp-in or snap-in. It is OE validated so you can be sure that it will work perfectly with the vehicle's ECU. Since it is made by experts, this component efficiently delivers real time pressure and temperature measurement and transmission. It boasts its tough mechanical design and its 10-year or 100,000-mile battery life.