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Scion Air Deflector

Keeping your Scion spotless can easily snowball into a weekend ritual that takes hours to complete, but there is a vast array of products available from aftermarket vendors that can help to save you large amounts of time, energy, and most importantly, money. One tool to help in the endless battle is the Scion air deflector, which is available for any model from our large online catalog for an incredibly low price, when compared to the service it performs. With the Scion air deflector installed, the air will flow over the top of the vehicle, with any dirt, insects, or other messy particles that may be contained within the stream. With less air and dirt hitting your windshield, the time span between its cleanings will be greatly increased. Due to the highly customizable nature of the Scion, it is important that all of its installed accessories look great. The Scion air deflector does not disappoint in this respect, either. With a shape that follows the contour of the hood, sleek modern styling, and the smoky black color, the Scion air deflector will add to the visual appeal of any vehicle onto which it is installed. With the included hardware and easily understood directions, it is very easy to mount the Scion air deflector. Installation takes less than an hour, and by utilizing existing locations on the underside of the hood, no drilling or other modifications are necessary to complete the process. The high-strength plastic used in the construction of the Scion air deflector will protect your vehicle for many years, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer to back this up. With our easy ordering, either online or by toll-free telephone number, you can soon have your new Scion air deflector in hand, ready for a smooth and trouble free installation.