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Scion Tc Car Bra

Scion TC Car Bra: Its Usual Issues and the Culprits behind Them

The car bra of your Scion TC serves as a protective covering of your car's hood from bugs, dirt, and other road debris. Through time, the car bra will get damaged from these harmful elements, especially if the component is not maintained properly. When you notice that your vehicle's car bra is acting up, you have to do some troubleshooting before it creates more serious problems. Here's a list of the common issues you might encounter:

Chips and scratches on the hood's surface

If you notice that there are chips and scratches on your hood's surface, this is most likely caused by the presence of dust and dirt on top of the hood. Since the dirt and dust are already there before you have covered the hood with the bra, the dirt will settle further and scratch the surface more. When they mix with water from the rain, there's a greater chance of damage because the hood becomes more prone to fading and corrosion.

Change in the paint color of the hood

Another problem that your Scion TC car bra can cause is the discoloration of the hood's paint. Although the car's aging can be the reason why the paint discolors, the car bra can be a culprit because it traps the UV rays from the sun when the car bra is attached for too long. You might notice that the paint is darker than the rest of the car's body. To avoid this from happening, you should remove the car bra after you have parked your car. It is also important to wipe the portion covered by the car bra to remove particles that can cause discoloration.

Wind noise and mild vibration from the hood portion of your vehicle

A Scion TC car bra that's not properly fitted can create noise while you're driving at high speeds and it can even produce vibration from the front part of your vehicle. This is caused by the pressure from the wind that's making contact with the car bra. You might also hear noise from fasteners or hooks that are loosely connected. It might hit some parts of the hood continually and can also cause damage.

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  • Scion TC Car Bra Maintenance: A Quick and Easy Guide to Keep It Firm and Tight

    The Scion TC car bra is an effective add-on to your vehicle because it prevents dirt and bugs from sticking on the hood of your vehicle. Since it is located on the outside of your car, it is prone from damage because of the exposure to harmful environmental factors like hard rain and the sun's UV rays. To prolong the service life of your vehicle, here are some maintenance tips you can easily do in your own garage.

    Remove bug stains on the Scion TC car bra.

    Bug stains on the surface of your car bra can leave an awful mess, that's why you have to clean them regularly. Otherwise, tough stains that are difficult to remove will stick on it. Aside from that, bugs are naturally acidic, that's why they can also damage the hood of your car. You can use soap and water to quickly remove them from the car bra. However, if the contamination is too heavy, then what you need to use is a special product that can remove bug residue effectively. A clay bar is also an effective tool if the stain has already hardened on the car bra's surface.

    Maintain your clear car bra properly.

    If you use a clear car bra on your Scion TC sedan, then you should maintain its protective film properly. You can do this by claying or waxing its surface. However, you shouldn't apply to much wax because it can accumulate on the edges of the film and leave a white line. Aside from that, you should never use strong chemicals and abrasive polishes. These products will only leave scratches or swirls on the clear car bra.

    Clean the car bar regularly.

    You should clean your Scion TC car bra regularly just like washing your car. But make sure to remove it from your vehicle before you begin. Don't wash it while it's still attached because it will only leave molds and mildew when it's not completely dry. You can use a damp rag to wipe the surface of the car bra before you begin washing it with water and automotive soap. Just remember to scrub it with warm, soapy water, so the dirt will be easier to remove.