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Scion Tc Splash Shield

Scion TC Splash Shield Troubleshooting

As your ribs protect various vital organs, your Scion TC splash shield helps safeguard one of the most important parts of your auto: the engine. A splash shield is crafted to guard your engine against debris that can damage it from beneath the vehicle. Through time, this component can become damaged, so be sure to troubleshoot it when it shows signs of wear.

Grinding noise

You may not notice grinding noises when your engine is on, but as you move, you're bound to hear them. This noise will also increase in volume as you increase speed. The root of this problem is a loose splash shield that is making contact with the ground. As you drive, your shield drags across the pavement, which leads to the noise. The worst part about this is that the dragging will likewise cause your splash shield to wear out more quickly. If you fail to correct this problem, then your splash shield is sure to become more severely damaged.

Cracked shield

Your splash shield is meant to take punishment for the betterment of your engine, but it isn't designed to do so until the end of time. Eventually, all the rocks, snow, and debris will take their toll on the splash shield, causing scratches, dents, and even cracks. Now, while scratches and dents are minimal problems, a cracked splash shield won't provide the engine with the necessary protection since debris would be able to get through it. When this happens, you should have your shield repaired or replaced.

Damaged or missing screws

The splash shield of your vehicle is affixed to the chassis through the use of several screws. As time goes by, these screws can become damaged or missing. When this happens, your shield will no longer be securely fastened to your ride. This could cause the component to drag across the ground, which would bring about the aforementioned grinding noise. Furthermore, a lose splash shield won't provide the engine with sufficient defense against harmful elements and would become more prone to damage. If the screws of the splash shield are simply loose, then tighten them right away. If missing or damaged, then have them replaced right away.

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  • Scion TC Splash Shield Maintenance

    Your Scion TC splash shield is a very simple auto component that plays a very important role. The main purpose of the splash shield is to protect the engine against water, snow, debris, mud, rocks, branches, and other harmful elements. Should this component become impaired, it may leave your engine vulnerable to damage as well. So keep your splash shield in great condition with these maintenance tips.

    Avoid potholes

    Driving over potholes can do some serious damage to your splash shield, and that's why it's best that you avoid these at all costs. In fact, try not to drive fast over bumpy roads since your splash shield could be exposed to unnecessary punishment in the process. If you want to preserve your shield for a longer period of time, then try avoiding rough roads and potholes.

    Check for damage

    Don't wait for your engine to become damaged before replacing your splash guard. Instead, give your splash guard a quick check every once and a while. Check it for signs of damage, such as scratches, dents or cracks. Most small signs of wear shouldn't be too worrisome, but cracks are a subject of concern. So if your splash shield has cracks, have them sealed or have the component replaced.

    Tighten/ replace screws

    As the miles pile on, you could end up with damaged, loose, or missing splash shield crews. These screws are meant to hold your shield in place; hence, without them, your component wouldn't be secured. Every now and then, check the screws and tighten them accordingly. If damaged or missing, replace them with brand-new screws that will ensure that your splash shield is serving its purpose as effectively as possible.

    Check ground clearance

    By making sure that your ride has ample ground clearance, you'll be able to prolong the life of your splash shield. If a vehicle is too low, then its under chassis would be closer to the ground and more prone to punishment and damage. To ensure that your ride doesn't get any lower than it has to, make sure your suspension components are in good condition, don't overload your vehicle, keep your tires inflated, and try not to use aftermarket lowering components.