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Scion Xa Hubcaps

Signs and Symptoms of Bad Scion Xa Hubcaps

Known by many car owners as wheel covers, the Scion Xa hubcaps are round metallic disks designed to fit snugly over the center space of your vehicle's tires. Not only are they responsible for protecting the lug nuts from being exposed to the elements, but they are also seen as aesthetic components. Whether you want your car custom-designed or you just like it looking brand new, treat hubcaps as part of your vehicle's overall style. However, if you're driving and you hear a noise from your wheels, then there must be wrong with this part. Don't brush it off as some minor problem and check it out as soon as possible.

Clicking sound

If you hear a clicking sound coming from one of the wheels, it could be caused by a foreign object trapped in one of your hubcaps. This is quite common for caps made from chrome and wire materials.

To fix this problem, just take out the hubcap where you hear the clicking sound from, and see if there's a small object inside-like a small rock or other debris.

If there's none, then a part of your hubcap might be loose. If you don't want to replace the component yet, you can apply electrical tape around the edge to make it quiet down.

Squeaking and rattling sounds

Hearing squeaking and rattling noises is not as common as the clicking sound because you can only hear it if you open your window and drive at low speeds-usually under 15 to 20 mph. From time to time, roll down your windows and drive slowly to listen for this noise. If you do hear a squeaking or a rattling sound, then the clips holding the hubcap-particularly the one where the sound is coming from-are loose.

Here's a quick-fix: take a few pieces of weather-strip foam and stick them to the backsides of the hubcaps. This can put enough outward pressure on the clips to keep them still. Place a few more pieces in strategic areas near the loose hardware or on the outer rim area if the clips are still making noise.

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  • Tips on Keeping Your Scion xA Hubcaps in Best Shape

    There was a time when hubcaps were purely utilitarian in nature. They functioned simply, actually, to protect your wheels from any dirt and debris that they kick up while driving along-they were structural reinforcements, if you will. In the era of the Scion xA, they've moved beyond being mere utilitarian into a whole market designed to have hubcaps exude your own personal sense of style and design-they add to the unique charm of your hatchback. Even if it's for this more superficial reason, it's still very important that you keep your hubcaps well maintained-it isn't too hard after all.

    Inspect often

    Hubcaps come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, but they all share one thing in common: eventually they'll get damaged. Whether it be dings, dents, or scratches, those shiny hubcaps are going to get damaged one way or the other. The trick to keeping ahead of total destruction is to be wary of any trouble spots before they grow bigger. Cracks are the most common damage that you encounter as these can form from something as simple as physical hits by tiny stones and pebbles, to something as amazingly surreal as heat exposure. If you manage to catch them while they are small, a little application of epoxy putty should be enough to prevent them from growing any bigger. Larger cracks, however-especially ones that penetrate the outer rim of the hubcap-might necessitate a full replacement.

    Keep them clean and shiny

    The most basic of maintenance moves is to keep the hubcaps clean at all times. A simple procedure with warm water, soap, and a clean rag should do. If your hubcaps are bedecked with spokes in other hard to reach areas, make sure that you get those too as the dirt might cake and cause more damage later on. Be thorough when it comes to cleaning. Make sure that you clean the side that is unexposed too as dirt does tend to aggregate there more. As a final touch, if your hubcaps are of the shiny type, make sure that you polish them up with even just normal polish.