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Fun Facts about the Scion XB

  • Scion xB is a compact hatchback exclusively manufactured by Toyota for the U.S. market. It comes under the Scion line, which is a series of small cars that's intended for young consumers, particularly those within the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket. The brand refers to this market as Generation Y, comprised by people born between the years 1980 and 1994.
  • Toyota decided to come up with a series of cars that would perfectly fit the youth and young professionals because of their large number. And taking this particular target market into consideration, the brand made sure that the features of the Scion xB are what their prospects want and look for in a car.
  • The Scion xB may look like a typical delivery van, but this unique and out-of-the-box idea for a car design is one of the main reasons why the model has managed to attract a lot of customers all over the country. Also, the design's outcome actually did the Scion xB well because it was able to pull the entire look together, and gave the car its own identity.
  • The first generation of Scion xB was officially introduced in the United States market in 2003. It was one of the two main designs launched by Toyota at the time, the other one being the xA model.
  • Scion xB is also sort of related to Toyota's bB model, which is a station wagon where the brand based the platform of its Echo/Yaris model, and is distributed only in the Japanese market. Upon production, makers of the Scion xB made some changes on the Toyota bB such as the conversion of its right-hand drive to left, the replacement of bench seats to make way for bucket seats, and the use of new colors for the front passenger area. These modifications eventually gave birth to the xB.
  • Prior to its formal introduction, makers of the Scion xB anticipated that the new model won't surpass the accomplishments of its predecessor, the xA. But after a short period of time, more Scion xB units were sold in the United States as compared to the demand for the xA.

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  • Common Problems with the Scion xB

    The Scion xB is one of the most anticipated cars in the United States from the very first time Toyota announced its plans to come up with a line that will be sold exclusively in the country. And when the brand finally unveiled the new model, it has successfully drawn the attention of its target market. However, a few months after its official release in the market, owners of the Scion xB began noticing drawbacks on the vehicle. Quite a number of people expressed dissatisfaction on the car due to various reasons and some of them are as follows:

    Engine trouble

    One major consumer complaint on the Scion xB is engine trouble. There have been instances when xB's engine kept dying with no particular reason. Some people claimed that while they were driving the Scion xB, the engine just instantly shuts off in the middle of the road, and this has caused so much trouble and hassle for them. Engine troubles on the car may be caused by faulty wiring or a defective engine. And in times like this, it would be better for people to check the engine at the first sign of defect or have it replaced right away.

    Radiator failure

    Another common problem on the Scion xB is radiator failure. This could be due to a leak on the part or some sort of damage on the radiator fan. Radiator problems may also affect the overall functionality of the vehicle as they may not only have an adverse effect on the cooling system but also cause overheating issues in the long run.

    Defective seats

    There are also complaints that the seats of some Scion xB units fail to return to their original position after being reclined by the passengers. Reclining front seats are a common practice among people, especially those who are fond of traveling long distances. They do this in order to rest their backs and feel more comfortable in the car. However, there were a few times when the seats of the Scion xB failed to go back up even after the passengers have readjusted them.