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Scion Xb Car Bra

Easy Fixes for Scion Xb Car Bra Troubles

The car bra has been protecting vehicle front ends for more than 50 years. Initially serving as a utilitarian front end protector for personal Porches, it has since evolved into a stylish and sporty protective cover with many names. Generally believed to be made of leather, car bras are actually made of a stretch black vinyl fabric that only feels and looks like leather. Over the years, vehicle owners have been on the fence over the troubles that car bras give them. As a Scion XB owner, here are some of the Scion Xb car bra issues to look out for and what you can do about them.

Wrong fit

Car bras are either custom-made to accommodate your vehicle's unique front end including the fog-lights and custom-made grilles or pre-made to fit a specific vehicle model. This is the reason why any wrong maneuvering can mean "it won't fit". However, this issue is easily fixed just by allowing the car bra to warm up so it becomes more flexible. It also helps to install during warm weathers because of the same reason.

Flapping car bra

Another complaint is that car bras have a tendency to flap about when driving in high speeds on the road. This issue is actually alarming because you don't know if the car bra will detach itself midway and could cover your windshield. If this happens, pull over on the side of the road, and simply re-tighten the loose car bra. This only means that the car bra was not properly installed.

Car bra causes rust

This statement is not true. Not following proper car bra maintenance procedure, of regular removal and washing, is what caused the hood rust. Despite the car bra's snug fit, dust and moisture can still get in between the car bra and the hood surface. The accumulated dust and moisture causes the rust to appear.

Car bra ruins car paint finishes

Again, this statement is not true. The paint finish on the car fades with its exposure to the sun and to other natural elements. Leaving the car bra on for a long time will slow down the fading rate of the covered hood. This means that while the paint on the rest of the car fades naturally, the paint under the car bra remains the same. That is the why it's advised to drive without a car bra once in a while.

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  • Taking Care of Your Scion Xb Car Bra

    You love your cute little Scion XB and would do anything to keep it looking pristine. However, with today's road and weather conditions, you're thinking about just keeping your car inside the garage where it will be safe. However, that sounds a tad bit crazy. Don't worry, you can take out your precious car and protect it while you're on the road. The Scion Xb car bra protects the front end of your vehicle while you're driving. But then, you ask, how can you protect your car bra? It sounds crazy, but here are some tips on how you can take care of your car bra.

    Install properly

    Taking care of your car bra begins with the installation. Improper installation can damage your car bra and your Scion XB as well. Allow the car bra to warm up a bit to aid in the installation. Leaving the car bra under the sun for half an hour will make the vinyl fabric more flexible, so you can stretch it easily. For the same reason, choose a hot time in the day to install the car bra.

    Remove regularly

    This is the one thing most owners dislike about the car bras: the fact that it can be, and has to be, removed from time to time. Not only will not removing it bad for your car bra, but it is also, ultimately worse for your car. Leaving the car bra on the vehicle allows dirt, grime and moisture to accumulate between the car bra and the car hood. This will cause the vinyl to deteriorate and the debris to rub against the car paint.

    Wash every two weeks

    Although it's advisable to wash your car bra every time it gets soaked, you can wash it every two weeks as a routine. Washing the car bra allows you to prevent the any debris and moisture from accumulating under the car bra. Wash it with liquid soap and warm water. Let it dry completely before reinstalling. Remember to always hand wash and never machine wash the car bra.