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Undoubtedly, brakes are your ride's most important safety components. Without the brake assembly, you won't be able to stop smoothly anytime you need to. Malfunctioning brakes can result in fatal accidents so you must see to it that all the components making up your ride's brake system are working perfectly. When you notice that one of them has worn out or has got an irreparable damage, immediate replacement is necessary, or else, your safety on the road will sure be put at risk. Whether you need slotted or punched brake discs, or ones that are made for racing, Sebro is a name you can rely on.

Though it is just a medium-sized company, it has been capable of producing top-of-the-line brake discs and brake drums for almost all vehicle makes and models. And this company has been doing that for over 30 years now. And it takes pride in manufacturing products that are sold as high-class units not only in the country but worldwide. Sebro is also renowned for specializing in the manufacture of brake systems for European car brands. You see, even if it's just a medium-sized company, it has the capability of meeting certain demands of various customers.

Since 2001, Sebro has experienced great boost in modernization and investment and its management comes up with an ideal combination of innovative ideas and its long years of industry experience. Aside from manufacturing brake drums and discs for automotive applications, Sebro also makes special parts for industrial use like presses, wind wheels, and tanks or military vehicles. One proof to the company's dedication to product quality is its Sebro brake disc that's built only from high-quality materials. It is made not just to meet but to exceed even the industry's highest quality standards. So it truly is your penny's worth.