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Shift Knob

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The shift knob may seem like a plain auto part, but shifting between gears definitely becomes more difficult without it. Usually made from aluminum, a shift knob serves as the shifter's handle. Whether your vehicle uses a manual or an automatic transmission or is equipped with short or long shifter, the shifter's knob should be just at the right size for comfortable gripping. Ideally, the knob's surface should be covered with non-slip material. With these features, the shift knob makes it easier for you to switch between gears. And not only do shift knobs today provide you with an excellent "shift feel". There are also aftermarket knobs that come with attractive designs design and styles. Carparts offers a wide selection of shift knobs that definitely deliver both form and function. And we can give you these shift knobs at much cheaper prices!

• Provides you with a smooth, strong shift feel

• Available in various designs, shapes, and colors

• Commonly made from aluminum for durability

Shift Knob Articles

  • Installing a New Shift Knob in Four Easy Steps

    More often than not, the stock shift knob that comes with a vehicle looks too generic, dull, or just plain boring. And for that reason, you may want to install a new shift knob-one that boasts of a sleeker and more stylish design. This is a good idea if you want a more personalized interior, whether you're going for a sportier look, a retro appearance, or whatever you have in mind. In this guide, we'll tell you how to install a new shift knob.

    Required Skill Level: Novice

    Needed Tools and Materials:

    1. Allen wrench/screwdriver/pliers (depends on the type of shift knob that you have)

    Safety Precautions

    Park your vehicle on a level surface. After that, chock the wheels, shift the car into neutral, and activate the parking brake.

    Out With the Old

    Naturally, you'll have to take out the old shifter knob first. The process to remove it varies as shift knobs are constructed differently from model to model. There are knobs that can be simply pulled off (some can be easily pulled, while some require a bit of muscle) from the shift lever. There are variants that require an Allen wrench or just a basic screwdriver to be unscrewed. Others utilize clips, which can be removed with pliers. Whatever the case may be, just be sure to have the appropriate tool on hand.

    Placing the Adapter

    Shift knob kits come with a set of adapters (for various vehicles) that allow the knob to fit better into the shift lever. Choose the adapter that's appropriate for your ride then slide it into the shifter knob.

    In With the New

    Once the adapter is in place, proceed to securing the new shift knob onto the lever (make sure that the knob is facing the right direction if it has any design or labeling). Tighten the knob onto the lever properly; after all, you wouldn't want it to come off while you're driving. Just like removing the old shift knob, use the appropriate tool (you may refer to the instructions that came with the shift knob kit) in order to secure it in place. You may use the old screws or clips (if necessary) if they're still in good condition.