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Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

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Shock absorbers or shocks were built to help absorb the up-and-down shock created by the springs whenever a vehicle hits a bump. Aside from absorbing the impact, they also keep the car or truck easily maneuverable even after a bumpy ride. The absence of shock absorbers would definitely result to a bouncing ride as energy is stored in the spring and then released to the vehicle, oftentimes exceeding the permitted range of suspension movement.

Most spring-based shock absorbers employ coil springs or leaf springs, though torsion bars can be used in torsional shocks as well. Springs alone are not shock absorbers as they only store and do not distribute or absorb energy. Modern vehicles typically use both springs or torsion bars along with hydraulic shock absorbers. With this setup, the shock absorber is reserved specifically for the hydraulic piston that takes in the vibration.

Today's technologically-advanced shock absorbers are fitted with velocity hydraulic damping devices which provide increased speed in the movement of the suspension to attain greater resistance. The result is a versatile shock absorber that can easily adopt to various road conditions. The effects of constant bounce, sway, brake dive and acceleration squat are thus significantly reduced.

Current designs of shock absorbers are either in twin tube designs and mono tube designs. A twin tube shock absorber is made up of an inner and outer tube that work seamlessly together to achieve its intended purpose while a mono tube is made up of one tube mounted in an upside down position to help reduce the load.

Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    The springs, shock absorbers, and struts of your suspension work well as a team. So be sure to keep them together with the help of a Strut Assembly.
    Is driving over small humps or bumps on the road making your car bounce like a hyperactive child overdosed with sugar? Then there might be a problem with your suspension system. As you know, the suspension system has many parts, and one of those you need to focus on is your strut assembly.
    The strut assembly dampens the up-and-down movement of your car’s suspension spring, much like the shock absorbers. But unlike shock absorbers, strut assemblies are made up of more than just one part like the lower and upper spring seat, the isolated top mount (usually made from rubber), the coil spring, and the coil spring insulator. Aside from ensuring premium ride quality by keeping your travels as smooth and bounce-free as possible, strut assemblies also keep the different parts of your suspension system aligned and separate from each other.
    Most cars with strut assemblies have one suspension strut at each wheel. When one of the components in the assembly fails, the entire strut has to be replaced. Common symptoms of a busted strut assembly include excessive auto bouncing and oil leakage. If you experience any of these symptoms, invest in replacement strut assemblies as soon as you can.

  • How Shocks & Struts Works For Your Car

    Hate the bumpy feeling that your car makes you go through when you’re driving on rough roads? Get rid of it by installing a set of Shocks & Struts today.
    Is your vehicle too unstable when you drive over bumpy roads? Don’t ignore this problem. Check your vehicle’s suspension system right away. Your vehicle’s shocks and struts might be at fault. As crucial parts of the suspension system, the shocks and struts must always be in top shape. When damaged, these parts can make your ride uncomfortable and dangerous. .
    The shocks are responsible for absorbing and dissipating the vibrations caused when your vehicle drives over road irregularities. These suspension parts allow you to enjoy relatively smooth and bump-free driving. The struts, on the other hand, integrate different suspension parts into one compact assembly. The strut assembly performs various tasks. This assembly supports the vehicle’s weight while the vehicle adapts to road irregularities. The strut assembly’s parts also dampen the vibrations caused by coil spring compression. Without the shocks and struts, you might experience a significant loss of vehicle control.
    The quality and comfort of your ride greatly depends on the working condition of your vehicle’s adjustable shocks and struts. Hence, you need to replace them when damaged. Replacing damaged parts as soon as you can also prevents other possible suspension problems. Looking for the best replacement auto parts is never a hard task if you shop at the right store. We stock premium shocks and struts for various makes and models. Check them out here!

  • Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    Avoid getting your behind battered and bruised whenever your car goes through rough terrain. Equip your suspension system with a quality Shock Absorber.
    Did you know that the Shock Absorber is the central component in your suspension system that helps preserve your vehicle’s ride quality? While it may not be the most vital part of your ride, it does play an important role in keeping you and your passengers comfortable during your travel. Shock absorbers help reduce the up-and-down movement of your vehicle each time you drive off-road or through road irregularities. These components keep your trips generally smooth and bounce-free.
    Each Shock Absorber is designed to help dissipate the movement generated by your suspension spring. As you travel, the spring compresses and rebounds, oscillating movements every time you drive on uneven ground. And while we all could enjoy a little bounce in our rides once in a while, it stops being fun when your teeth chatter continuously and your head keeps hitting your car’s roof because your vehicle refuses to quit swaying or bouncing. It also becomes far less amusing the moment you realize how difficult it is to control a bucking ride. This is why it pays to have a great set of shock absorbers installed in your suspension system.
    Unfortunately, shock absorbers are pretty much prone to damage caused by the extreme operating temperatures in your suspension system. If you have damaged shock absorbers, your best option is to look for a great set of durable replacement shock absorbers as soon as you can.

  • Strut Assembly: Just the Facts

    It's not the early 1900s, so why are you bouncing around in your ride as if modern suspension equipment hadn't been invented yet? It's probably because you're in need of a new strut assembly. A typical assembly will consist of DOM tubing, piston rods, bushings, shock boots, and pistons, which will aid you in properly installing a new strut. You owe the smooth and comfortable ride that you enjoy so much to your auto's fully-functional strut. Most modern vehicles come with struts in the front and rear, both of which are designed to dampen the impact inflicted by rough terrains. Your front strut assembly is specifically designed to keep your auto cruising smoothly by absorbing the forces caused by road irregularities.

    Given the harsh conditions that your struts are faced with everyday, you mustn't be surprised when they end up being pretty worn out after some time. When your struts break, you'll likely experience excessive bouncing, jerking, swerving, and nose-diving whenever you hit the brakes. This can be very uncomfortable for you and your passengers, and that's why you should buy a new strut assembly.

    A brand-new strut assembly comes with everything you may need to adequately hook up your new struts to your vehicle. This assembly contains all kinds of useful hardware that are made from solid materials, which guarantees that they'll function properly and for a very long time. An aftermarket assembly is also prepared to match your ride's exact year, make, and model, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to compatibility. In addition to that, with this assembly, you'll be able to install your new strut with tremendous ease and without the need for a mechanic or heavy machinery. So if you want your ride to provide you with a smooth drive, then buy it a new strut assembly ASAP.

  • The Automobile Basics: Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    Black and Blue is the title of former boy band Backstreet Boys' album. It was also the title of The Rolling Stones' album that was released way back in 1976. The title is very catchy isn't it? It sounds great when used to refer to a CD. How about hearing those two words applied to a hapless person who got mugged? Not very pleasant now, is it? If a car's Shock Absorber is not working as it should, it won't be long before these adjectives become applicable to the car's occupants. The driver and his passengers may end up with black and blue bruises if the cars shock is unable to control the body's bounce every time it hits a pothole or uneven terrain. Among the suspension system components, the Shock Absorber is the one accountable for absorbing the released energy of the springs. Treading the punishing terrain, the suspension system's spring gets compressed. When it expands, the force or energy is has is automatically transferred to the shock where it is dispersed. Without the Shock Absorber to dissipate the absorbed energy, that car will just continue to bounce out and about until all of it has been used up. Aside from giving bruises to the occupants, a defective shock absorber can also make handling and overall vehicle control very difficult.

  • The Automobile Basics: Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly - Part II

    When suspension comes into mind, there can only be shock absorbers to think of. This is actually just one part of that system but it seems that it is the most important one. An automobile can have a Front Shock Absorber as well as a rear one, depending on the configuration. There are independent suspension systems like the MacPherson strut that uses front suspension along in the assembly. This strut is already the front suspension of the vehicle with all the important parts rolled into one. For example, it already includes the Front Shock Absorber housed with the coil spring and works as a structural assembly under the vehicle-all in one. This is usually the design of more modern and newer vehicles. Whether as part of a strut or just plain and simple shock absorber, it is still designed with piston and cylinder. This absorber smoothes all bumps and road irregularities from being transferred to the body where it can be felt by the passengers. This process is known as dampening, which is why shock absorbers are also dubbed as dampers. Letting all those impacts reach passengers will only expose them to dizzying and uncomfortable rides. But this does not mean that automobiles equipped with one or two will not encounter bumpy rides. When the Front Shock Absorber or the rear is damaged or is just not working perfectly, expect all road irregularities to be felt. On top of that, it can also cause damage to other suspension parts.