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Side Marker Assembly

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While headlights and tail lights are standard parts of a vehicle, the side marker lights are auxiliary auto lights. This does not mean, however, that they don't serve an important purpose. In fact, a premium side marker assembly can enhance both vehicle safety and aesthetics. Encased in a plastic shell, the side marker assembly is designed to be mounted by the vehicle's fenders. Side marker lights can be activated even if your vehicle is idle, and are useful in making your vehicle more visible at night. By making your vehicle more noticeable, these lights help prevent collisions and accidents. For easy use and activation, side marker lights can be wired to the parking lights, headlights, turn signal lights or even directly to the car battery. Even installation is a breeze; side marker assemblies are usually just bolted or taped onto the vehicle's exterior.

• Makes your ride more visible after sunset

• Emits a bright, easily-seen beam

• Comes with regular bulbs or LEDs