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The exhaust system of a vehicle is responsible for carrying waste gases as well as other combustion byproducts away from the engine. Aside from that, this same system also helps control both air and noise pollution. A well-maintained exhaust system is vital for the optimum performance of a vehicle. When it comes to high quality exhaust system, nothing beats Silverline. This brand is engineered to improve the overall performance of a vehicle by increasing torque and horsepower. Likewise, exhaust gas temperatures are reduce resulting to better gas mileage.

Silverline's exhaust system is comprised of Silverline exhaust tip, Silverline muffler eliminator pipe, and Silverline down pipe. These exhaust components were produced using premium mandrel bent tubing with increased pipe diameter that are accurately measured to ensure optimum exhaust flow. In addition, these components are very easy to install and are safe for use with factory emission systems.

Silverline's exhaust system can increase a vehicle's performance by as much as 13 horsepower and 23 ft. lbs. of torque. These figures are not just unfounded information but are confirmed facts supported by results from an independent dyno test. Silverline's array of products make used of topnotch aircraft quality T304 stainless steel that are highly resistant from corrosion and discoloration. All of Silverline's stainless steel products are offered in highly polished muffler that featured polished welds for a more flawless look.