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For years people have enjoyed the outdoors that some even tries to go farther to seek out exciting adventures. These adventurous individuals are the inspiration behind the products of Skyjacker. The company has designed their products for heavy-duty applications. Their Skyjacker leaf spring, Skyjacker axle u-bolt, Skyjacker shock absorber and strut assembly were engineered to surpass manufacturers' specifications for high performance and durability.

It is very seldom that you see a company openly acknowledging God in their company profile. This is probably the secret behind the 35 long successful years of Skyjacker. The company started in 1970 and ever since has become an expert in the production of suspension systems, lift kits, and other automotive systems as well as in the production of other auto parts and accessories.

For the long years that the company spent in the business of suspension systems, they have never failed to meet the high expectations of their off-roading customers. Their sensitivity to the diverse needs of their customers has allowed them to innovate continuously in order to come up with better products and services. The company's philosophy is to, "Provide the best designed, advanced engineered, and most innovative suspension that the 4x4 industry has ever seen and used. We engineered the definition of what a quality suspension should be: a suspension system that works in form and function to the highest level of achievement possible with the highest quality of materials and resources available." This is their commitment to their customers and they are dedicated of upholding such promise to the end.

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