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Brake Line by Skyjacker

What You Should Know About a Skyjacker Brake Line

Replacing your brake line as part of your maintenance routine is tantamount to ensuring your safety while driving. Without a properly functioning brake line, you might find yourself nervously struggling while stepping on the pedal-either the brakes won't work at once or they won't work at all. You check on your brake components and find the brake line damaged. You head out to get a replacement and see the Skyjacker brake line. The brand name sounds cool, but what exactly do you know about the product itself? Here are the best things about a Skyjacker brake line:

What makes it reliable: Stainless steel is the primary material used in manufacturing the Skyjacker brake line. It does not corrode easily and is proven to be sturdy despite its light weight. Because of these characteristics, this product is sure to last a long time. An extruded polyurethane coating is also added on this brake line in order to prevent chafing.

Where it fits: The Skyjacker brake line is lengthier than the usual stock brake line because it is especially sized for lifted trucks and SUVs. However, it can also be put on ordinary vehicles used for everyday driving. It is custom-built to perfectly fit your year, make, and model.

How to ensure its proper installation: Brake line installation is often considered as a feat for the professional because it involves bleeding the brake system. However, the process can still be learned by an ordinary automobile owner. A simply stated set of instructions would surely help a lot. The actual installation of the Skyjacker brake line may differ from one make model to another, though. For example, in a Ford Bronco, it is best to attach the brake line to the coil springs. But of course, there are certain things that should be generally observed when installing this product-removing and cleaning the crush washers, cleaning the surfaces where the brake line will be tied to, and securing a leak-free connection. Also, it would be advisable to check the brake line for abrasion or leaks after driving your vehicle for the first 100 miles.

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Skyjacker Brake Line Articles

  • Skyjacker Brake Line: What's in It for You?

    Skyjacker brake line has all the credentials to back up its claims on efficiency and quality. Especially built from braided stainless steel, this product can be depended upon for its superb strength. Whether you are doing some off-road or everyday driving, you can be sure that your brakes will work right at the moment you step on the pedal. The Skyjacker brake line is also designed with polyurethane coating that effectively prevents chafing, thus ensuring you of its long-term use. To help you know more about this brake line, here's an evaluation based on the following aspects:

    How well does it carry out its job? (4/5 stars)

    After putting on the Skyjacker brake line on a Chevy K1500, hitting on the brake pedal had a stiffer feeling. Its firmness was just right-clearly not indicative of anything loose or stuck. It also proved to work well even when the truck was driven under harsh road condition-all thanks to its stainless-steel structure and Teflon-coated liner. The brake's reaction was apparently more on the dot, too. This product, through its impressive performance, earned itself a four out of five rating.

    Does it fit in with no trouble? (4/5 stars)

    If you are to compare the Skyjacker brake line with stock brake lines, you would notice that the aftermarket brake line is longer-one of the foremost features of the product. This extended brake line helps a lot in closing the gap created when you have just lifted your truck or SUV. The actual installation came about without any trouble, and its completion was done under 30 minutes. Because of these reasons, the Skyjacker brake line got a four out of five rating for ease of installation. Remember to secure the fitting in your vehicle to avoid problems when the brakes are already in use.

    Is it reasonably priced? (4/5 stars)

    The price of the Skyjacker brake line may be a little too steep, but you really can't complain about it if you consider its quality. With its excellent performance and durability, you're sure to get your money's worth. Thus, this brand is given a four out of five rating in terms of cost.

    Overall rating: 4/5