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The air intake is more like an air pump sucking in air to be used by the vehicle's internal combustion engine system. It improves combustion resulting to reduce emission and better engine performance. Knowing such important function that the air intake plays makes it even vital that you choose only a high quality air intake kit provided by an equally trusted brand like the SL.

Aside from the SL air intake kit, the other product that the brand is renowned for is its topnotch alternator. The alternator is a component that produces direct current used for recharging the battery and for powering the vehicle's electrical devices and accessories such as headlights, ignition coils, radio, a/c, engine cooling fans, etc. By the way the alternator converts the power from the gasoline engine to electrical energy to keep the vehicle to continuously perform. It's for these reasons that you need to purchase only the best quality alternator available.

The thing that made SL a competitive brand is its dedication to details, which has helped it to produce the high quality products that we are enjoying today. It has made use of the highest quality materials in the production of its products employing only the latest technology and the best personnel available to ensure that the production process proceed seamlessly. The brand is continuously growing and innovating to provide its customer with better new products.