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Soft tops or jeep tops are removable roofs usually attached to off-road vehicles to provide additional comfort while offering protection from the elements. Many off-road vehicle owners are generally inclined to driving around in their rides "topless" or without the use of a conventional roof. Aside from the quieter ride offered by a soft top, the protection from the element in less-than-ideal weather conditions is assured. With a soft top, open-air fun while riding with the top down is just a snap away.
Most soft tops are constructed out of vinyl, sail cloth and other durable fabrics to ensure that they stand up to the toughest abuses and harshest conditions. Installing and removing the soft top is rather easy as most varieties feature two quick-release header latches and it can be put up or folded down with the least effort. All-around protection is guaranteed by soft top models that have zip-out windows, heavy duty seams and a door frame system that minimizes wind noise and water leaks.
A popular soft top variety is the aptly-named bikini top which provides only overhead covering for the front seat. The bare covering it offers is ideal for nature lovers and beach freaks who want to soak in the sun. The traditional bikini tops are equipped with long straps attached to footman loops at the rear of a vehicle along with wraparound strap attachments for ease of installation. Newer models even provides roof coverage all the way to the rear of the vehicle.

Soft Top Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Soft Top

    Driving your Jeep Wrangler on off-road trails is definitely a lot of fun, especially if you're adventurous. You get to view nature in all its glory, and with your Wrangler's made-for-the-outdoors capabilities, you'll surely enjoy your ride more. But if you want to fully experience the thrills of riding your Jeep without worrying about getting sunburned (or soaking wet, if it rains), then you should fit it with a soft top. This top blocks sunlight and keeps out raindrops and snow, but lets cool, fresh wind flow through; thus, preventing the stifling feel a hard top sometimes gives. And don't worry! A soft top can protect your Jeep's interior just as much as a hard top can. Soft tops are made from industrial-strength fabric with UV inhibitors. They also come with watertight seals and heavy-duty zippers. This ensures that the tops stay on your Jeep at all times. To help you choose a top that's perfect for your Jeep, Auto Parts Deal has an inventory full of soft tops from the industry's most trusted brands.

    • Blocks scorching sunlight

    • Lets wind flow through your Jeep's cabin

    • Fits exactly over your Jeep's top frame