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Spark Plug

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Positioned at the top of your vehicle's cylinder head, the spark plug plays an important role in the fuel combustion process. This device forces electricity to arc across a gap and create the spark needed to ignite the air-fuel mixture. One of the spark plug's tips sits in the combustion chamber, while the other tip attaches to a wire connected to the distributor.During vehicle start-ups, the distributor sends an energy surge along the wire and into the spark plug. Upon exiting the spark plug, the current's voltage is high enough to jump the gap and burn the air-fuel mixture sitting in the combustion chamber. This process happens once in each of the engine's cylinder heads, translating into quick start-ups and acceleration for your vehicle.

• As a crucial component of the ignition system, the spark plug needs regular check-ups and maintenance. Keeping the spark plug in good shape helps you achieve a stable ignition system.

• Copper spark plugs require yearly maintenance, usually during vehicle tune-ups.

• In replacing or cleaning the spark plug, remember to set the gap to the correct specification.