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As time passes, your vehicle loses its original shine and luster. Of course, it's only natural that your vehicle's appearance deteriorates over time, but exposure to harsh environmental elements actually speed up its aging process. Luckily, you can prevent this problem by installing protective auto accessories such as a premium splash shield. You actually have a lot of options when it comes to splash shields. Some splash shields made for your vehicle's exterior, while some splash shields are designed to protect performance parts. And while these accessories are called splash shields, these don't merely protect your vehicle from water or mud. A splash shield prevents road debris from hitting your vehicle. So to give your vehicle an extra degree of protection, equip your vehicle with a splash shield. Look through our catalogs at Carparts and see your many options.

• Protects your vehicle against road debris and mud and water splashes, keeping the exterior neat and dirt-free

• Adds extra style to your vehicle

• Affordable and easy to install

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Splash Shield Articles

  • How to Install a Splash Shield in Three Easy Steps

    The splash shield is responsible for protecting the engine and the disc brake systems from water and dirt. Without it, the components under your car are prone to getting contaminated from filth and other outside elements. The splash shield is most useful when you have to drive on rough roads and wet areas. Once you discover that you need your old splash shield replaced, follow this guide to learn how to install a new one.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials



      Floor jack

      Jack stand

    Lifting your vehicle

    Secure your vehicle on a flat-level surface, making sure that it will not roll or lean too far when it is jacked up. Using a jack, raise your car and then hold it steady with jack stands on both sides for to keep the vehicle from falling on you while you work. Do not rely on the jack alone to keep your car up while you install the splash shield.

    Removing the old splash shield

    Go under the car and look for the old splash shield; use a flashlight if you can't see clearly. Once you found it, remove the old component. With a screwdriver, take out the screws and clips that secure the splash shield. There are two hooks toward the back that are attached to the lower control arm brackets. There are also five to seven torx screws that hold the splash shield in place. Inspect the mounting locations as well as the hardware pieces used to install the component and see if any of them were damaged. Replace any faulty pieces and set the good ones aside for reinstallation.

    Installing the new component

    Install the new splash shield and make sure it is secured by the screws and clips that held the old component. Check to verify that there are no gaps and loose parts. Then, lower your vehicle and do a road test to see if your installation was successful.

    Tips and warnings

    Work on replacing the splash shield only when the engine has cooled down in order to avoid any accidents due to the high temperature circulating your car.

    Use a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes against any dirt or drips that come from the engine.

  • A Quick Way to Install Your Splash Shield

    A splash shield is an automotive accessory that functions as a solid protector against mud and other road particles that may be flying into various directions around the vehicle. Also known as the mud flap or splash guard, it works with the help of the fenders using a durable and flexible rubber material. The splash shield comes in a rectangular shape and is attached on the bottom part of the vehicle, right in front of the wheels. It usually lasts for several months or a couple of years, depending on how and where you often drive your vehicle. When the time comes that you need to install a new splash shield on your car, here is an easy you can follow.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Splash guard
    2. Drill
    3. Phillips screwdriver
    4. 10mm driver
    5. Mounting screws
    6. Plastic inserts
    7. Spring clips

    Getting the right item

    Purchase a splash guard that perfectly fits the area on your car. Measurements vary according to the vehicle model, and failing to get the flaps in the right size could make it difficult or impossible for you to install the items in the right place.

    Preparing for the task

    Secure a complete set of splash guards for your vehicle. If you intend to install mud flaps on both the front and rear ends of the car, make sure that you have a splash shield for each wheel.

    Cleaning the vehicle and splash guard surface

    Remove dirt and grime on the area where the mud flaps will be placed. Make sure that the surface and the surrounding area are clean so it will be easier for you to install the splash shields on each side.

    Mounting the splash shield on the front end

    Connect the splash guard on the mounting holes that have been pre-drilled on the parts. Keep in mind not to tighten the screws too much. In case there are no factory-drilled holes on the mud flaps that you bought, use the flaps as a guide on where you should drill the holes.

    Checking the position of the mud flaps

    Make sure that the splash guards are placed in a parallel position to the ground. Afterwards, you can tighten every one of the screws on the splash shield.

    Mounting the splash guard on the rear end

    Repeat the same process you did with the front-end splash guards. Most of the time, however, the shields are not drilled, which means that you have to do it by yourself. Check their positions once more and tighten the screws before driving the vehicle.