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When looking for replacement struts, Stabilus is a brand you can depend on. Click here to learn more on what the brand offers.
At some point in time, your car's current set of struts and dampers will fail you due to age. Whether it's the hood strut, the steering damper, or any variation of this part, you have to make sure first that they're in proper working condition before you set out on the road. Don't worry though because there's help along the way when it comes to vehicular automotive struts and dampers. That help comes in the form of Stabilus.
Stabilus is a world-renowned manufacturer of quality hydraulic car parts such as struts and dampers. Every strut or damper Stabilus manufactures offers a great degree of operating convenience and security. How can you be sure of this? It's simple. Stabilus makes these struts and dampers with a compact design to produce seamless integration to your car's system. Plus, you get peace of mind when getting a hood strut or a steering damper from Stabilus because only the finest technology such as CAD, FEM, and DOE is used in their production. Not only will you be giving your car an added boost in quality, but you're also providing it with the quality Stabilus offers.
Aside from its quality struts and dampers, Stabilus also makes it a point to think of their customers' safety. And to make that possible, Stabilus makes sure their products pass worldwide safety standards by testing them continuously and rigorously with production technologies and machines. That way, all you're going to get from a Stabilus product is the result you're after. When it comes to struts and dampers, always remember the name that makes them well-Stabilus.

Stabilus Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Stabilus Product, For the Right Job

    Stabilus is a world market leader when it comes to gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers. For years it has proven its competence in the production of linkage systems for various applications may it be for the automotive industry, building mechanical systems technology, furniture industry, and even in medical products and rehab technology.

    In the automotive industry Stabilus' products such as hood struts, hatch struts, and liftgate struts are highly recognized for their optimum opening, closing, lowering, lifting, damping, and adjusting actions. No other brand can come even close to this brand's quality.

    So what is the secret of this brand? It only employs production technologies and machines that are entirely designed by them. By doing this, they have protected the exclusivity of their products. They also make use of only the highest quality materials in their products which are developed and built exclusively at their headquarters in Koblenz. This is how the brand guarantees the uniform global quality for all their products. All production processes are monitored and handled by highly trained individuals who ensure that only quality products rolled out of the plant.