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Nowadays, vehicles rely on on-board computers to monitor the performance of their electrical components. And since they make-up the majority of your car, trust only Standard components should you need a suitable replacement for them.
Nowadays, we're not the only ones who heavily rely on computers. Even today's vehicles have become highly dependent on them. That's why if you'll notice, most modern automobiles now carry an on-board computer that helps monitor and diagnose the car engine's performance. Now to help ensure that the parts used are compatible with these on-board computers, drivers of modern vehicles make sure the components they install are only those made by Standard.
By choosing Standard, car owners know they're getting the best components available for today's vehicles. That's because the company specializes in the production and distribution of these types of auto parts. Parts like those included in an ignition wire set and other engine components like the oxygen sensor, heater temp sensor, or fuel injector. The reason why most car owners don't think twice in getting a Standard is because they're assured it will match their vehicle's specifications. Which means they won't have to worry about making any adjustments to their on-board computer or to the part itself for both to work properly. This enables owners to avoid incurring additional expenses as a result of having to replace the parts due to incompatibility. Also, by relying on modern Standard components, their vehicle can perform better, produce lesser emissions, and enjoy improved fuel economy. Additionally, their on-board computers can also keep track of these parts effectively and provide an accurate diagnosis should problems arise.
Standard's ultimate focus is to offer car owners with components that are compatible with today's vehicles. By doing so, the brand gives the assurance of experiencing hassle-free installation. Best of all, there will be no difficulties in pairing Standard parts with your car's on-board computer. So modernize now, Standard-ize/

Standard Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Standard Product, For the Right Job

    The Standard brand is not just a company manufacturing auto parts but a company of people that are working together because they share a common passion and a common goal - to provide customers with the best products. The company was started in October of 1945, it was during the post- World War II period. The company then was selling auto parts, hardware supplies, and house paints.

    After several years, the company decided to let go of the hardware supplies and house paints. It was actually in the 1962 when the company was renamed Standard Auto Parts Corporation. Two years before, the original building of the company was destroyed by fire. It was only until 1965 when the company was able to move to its present building. The new facility has given the company ample warehouse space allowing them to store a huge inventory of their auto parts products. With the large amount of inventory on stock the company was able to fill up every customer's auto parts needs.

    Then on 2003 the company again opened their new headquarters and distribution center this time at the South Baltimore. This new location has further allowed the company to grow even bigger. The company is continuously growing and innovating to come up with better standards for new products and at the same time improved their current lineup of products.