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Steering Damper

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Most aging cars have one thing in common-unstable steering. Small suspension and steering parts can wear out through time, causing persistent steering wheel vibration. If a full rework of your car's front suspension doesn't fix the problem, then it's the steering damper that's causing the problem. This part is like the shock absorber for your vehicle's steering system. Irregularities on the road can send vibrations from your vehicle's front wheels to the steering gear and linkages, causing the steering wheel to shake. It absorbs and dissipates the vibrations to help you enjoy smoother steering. Signs of damper failure can be misleading, showing the usual signs of suspension part damage: awkward or flimsy steering and uneven steering angles. Unless you replace the damper, you won't be able to handle the steering wheel easily.To avoid the hassle, replace a faulty steering damper as soon as you can. Fortunately, Carparts has what you need.

• Makes steering smoother and easier

• Helps prolong wheel alignment settings

• Easy to install