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Steering Rack

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The steering rack is composed of a rack enclosed with a steering pinion. It is connected to the steering wheel through the set of shafts and U-joints. As the steering wheel is turned, the pinion moves and pushes the steering rack either to the left or right. The ends of the steering rack are connected to the front wheels so the steering rack inputs and turns them to the left or the right as well.

A power steering rack utilizes an engine-driven pump to supply high-pressure hydraulic fluid to the steering rack when the wheel is turned. This enables an easier turning of the steering rack. This also means that there is a big amount of hoses, seals, and o-rings to contain the hydraulic fluid.

If the power steering rack wears out badly, it will start to leak. The absence of the hydraulic fluid will result to a hard, difficult steering. This is the right time to replace a new or re-conditioned replacement steering rack.

Steering Rack Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Steering Rack

    Can't get your front wheels to follow the directions directed by your steering wheel? Take control of their movements by installing a Steering Rack today.
    tch between you and your steering wheel? And you are now tired of racking your brain again and again just to find the root cause of your steering woes? If you turn your steering wheel left and your wheels veer right, you know it's more than just a minor steering problem. Restore your steering system's efficiency by replacing your malfunctioning Steering Rack today.
    A power steering rack or a manual steering rack is the modern-day equivalent to the steering gearbox popularly used in older vehicle models. This rack interprets the directional and force input from your steering wheel and uses this force to either pull or push your front wheels into your intended direction. It basically changes and increases the rotational movement of your steering wheel into side-to-side action needed in turning your wheels. Because of the increased directional input in your wheels, your effort in turning the steering wheel is greatly reduced, making it easier for you to control your vehicle.
    When the Steering Rack starts to make clunking noise each time you corner or drive over bumps, then it's time to replace this component. To replace the steering rack, look for it on your chassis and remove its surrounding components without displacing the steering rack boots to prevent part contamination. Realign your front wheels after replacing your power steering rack to make sure your wheels are well connected to your steering mechanism. It's as easy as that. So why don't you replace your defective steering rack now?

  • Steering Rack: Just the Facts

    Introduced as an alternative to the steering gearbox, the steering rack is like a linear gear that meshes with the pinion. The steering rack is connected to the steering wheel through the pinion and the steering shaft. Once the pinion is moved by the steering wheel's turning, the pinion pushes the steering rack from side to side. The movement applies steering torque to the pivots of the steered wheels through the tie rods and the short lever steering arm. More simply put, the steering rack is responsible for converting the steering wheel's rotational motion into linear motion in order to turn the wheels. Because of the part's exposure to extreme pressure, the steering rack eventually wears out and needs replacement. To ensure that you get the best deals on your vehicle's next steering rack, trust only Auto Parts Deal! We have the best steering rack for your specific vehicle model.

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