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Step Bumper

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One of the fun parts of owning a truck is having family and friends tag along on the truck bed. The only problem is that most trucks have stainless steel rear bumpers that can be very slippery. To make sure that passengers can safely get in and out of your truck's cargo bed, you might want to upgrade to a step bumper.The bumper is crafted out of 11-gauge steel, to ensure that it can steadily carry heavy weights. For added safety, this reinforced steel bumper also features an anti-slip surface pad. The pad, located at the center of the bumper, helps passengers gain steady footing as they step into or out of the cargo compartment.Aside from improving convenience and safety for your truck's passengers, the step bumper can also make cargo loading easier. So if you're having difficulties accessing the truck bed, you know what to do. Carparts can help you find the best step bumper for your truck.

• Equipped with an anti-slip surface that prevents accidents

• Helps passengers get in and out of the truck bed

• Comes with all the hardware needed for quick installation