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Stop Light Switch

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If you get pulled over by a cop at night, don't panic. He's probably going to tell you that one of your tail lights are out. No use in complaining about it, unless you want more violations to magically turn up against you. Just accept the ticket peaceably and move on.When you get home, check your car's tail light for burned-out bulbs. If the bulbs are fine, then it's probably a broken stop light switch that earned you a driving violation. Blame yourself for not checking your car's brake lights before driving.Replacing the switch should be pretty straightforward. It should be located somewhere above the brake pedal, attached near the hinges. Be careful not to break the wires leading to it during disassembly.Have someone help you check whether replacing the switch fixed the brake lights. A new stop light switch should last you another decade or so without breaking down. You'll find quality switches here at Carparts.

• The switch helps the brake lights function more reliably.

• The switch activates the brake lights whenever you step on the brakes,

• As a direct-fit replacement, the switch is easy to install.