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Strut Bar

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A strut bar, or commonly known as a strut brace or a strut tower brace, is designed to tie the two opposing strut towers together to form a single unit. This is to minimize the strut tower flex during hard cornering.
When taking a turn, a car's strut towers normally flex. This may cause the losing of some traction. The strut tower brace keeps the strut towers from flexing. They distribute the pressure applied to one strut tower when taking a turn on both towers instead of just one.
This results to improved chassis rigidity. Understeer is reduced, the tire wear is improved and metal fatigue is minimized in the strut tower portion. Adding a brace between these two strut towers is a great way to solidify a vehicle's suspension.

Strut Bar Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Strut Bar

    Most drivers think that their car's stock suspension is good enough. Well, in fact, a stock suspension is not as good as it can be. Yes, your car's suspension system can definitely be improved. A little modification can make it perform even better, making your car handle the road with a lot more agility and stability. A strut bar is all that's needed.Every time one of your vehicle's tires hits a bump, the suspension tends to lean towards the engine. Now, when you hit a corner, the front suspension does the opposite. As your car's weight is pulled away from the corner's apex, the suspension leans away from the engine. Both these instances make the front tire's grip surface partly lose contact with the road.That's when your car's tires start to lose grip and cause your car to skid. That is why performance enthusiasts put a strut bar at the top of their shopping lists. It's one of the easiest and cheapest modifications around. Auto Parts Deal has a wide range of strut bars readily available.

    • Keeps your car's front tires in full road contact

    • Maximizes steering ability

    • Improves car safety and handling