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Strut Bellows

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You may not know it, but road salt and water make up a lethal combination for your car's underbody parts. The combination of road salt and moisture is one of the leading causes of corrosion of your car's suspension components.The mixture can also do a great deal of damage to exposed struts. That's why your car's struts should be equipped with strut bellows. You see, inside each strut is a piston shaft pumping through a fluid chamber. Without a bellow to cover the shaft, dirt can slowly enter the chamber and cause trouble.Road salt and grime can corrode the shaft and, in turn, damage the rubber seals surrounding the chamber's opening. Soon, you may find fluid leaking out of the struts, a sure sign of strut failure. Strut bellows are important in keeping contaminants out of the piston and fluid chamber.These devices help prolong the life of your car's struts. Carparts can easily provide you with these bellows should you need replacements.

• Can be bought individually

• Free bump stop included

• Provide a perfect fit for easy installation