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Subaru Outback Brake Disc

Car Care 101: How to Maintain Your Subaru Outback Brake Disc

The Subaru Outback is yet another crossover sports utility vehicle that comes from the well-known Japanese auto manufacturer. This marque has made itself a name for delivering performance vehicles, like the Subaru Impreza, that win in international rallies. But let us focus on the milder side of things. The Subaru crossovers have also benefit from the safety and handling technologies that keep the vehicles from its stable top of the line. One of these components is the Subaru Outback brake disc. This component allows your crossover to be able stop on time when needed. You need a very capable part so that the caliper won't slip when it clamps on it. With the kind of stress that it gets from serving you, it is just right that you take good care of it. Here are some ways on how to show your brake disc some tender loving care.

  • Do not wet your brake disc right after driving your crossover.

Your brake components can provide their service on the principle of friction. Because of this, parts like the brake disc can get really, really hot after driving out. We know that your vehicle becomes dirty after trips, but we have to dissuade you from having a car wash right away. If you are keen on cleaning your crossover, let everything cool down for a while. Remember how hot metals react when you cool it down very quickly? Wetting a hot disc brake can cause it to warp and brake. You would not want a faulty brake disc just because you became careless and forgot this thing.

  • Service and clean your brake disc regularly.

Having been exposed to road debris and friction, your brake disc can accumulate particles on its surface. Make sure that you service and clean your brake disc regularly to keep it working well. These particles can negatively affect the way your brake components work. When these accumulate, you can risk losing the full effect. In effect, there is a higher probability that you can get into accidents. We don't want that.

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  • How You Can Diagnose Subaru Outback Brake Disc Problems

    Of course, you want to enjoy your Subaru Outback while keeping it in a tip top condition. It is the kind of crossover SUV that you want to use for your adventures, whether it is in the urban jungle or the back roads on the country side. You do your best to keep it maintained and work like clockwork. This will allow you to push your vehicle to the limits. The Subaru engine is very capable in delivering the right amount of horsepower to propel you from zero to your preferred spirited driving speed. But you also need components to counter that amount of power when needed. This is where the Subaru Outback brake disc comes to play. When the calipers clamp on the discs, the two put friction on each other to make your vehicle stop. This principle is also the reason why the disc undergoes wear and tear. As you continue to use your vehicle, you should always keep a lookout for these signs. So how can you diagnose the brake disc? Here are some tips.

    Tip #1: Keep a constant lookout for any weird sounds when you apply the brakes, especially if it squeals.

    The brake calipers are equipped with pads the come in contact with the brake disc. Their contact causes the friction that helps your vehicle stop on time. Over prolonged use and hundreds of miles, brake pads wear out. When it does, it exposes the material that causes the squealing sound that you might hear when you hit the brakes. It is a warning sign that you have to replace the pads. Don't second guess when this sign manifest. When you take this for granted, you are also risking significant damage on your brake disc. Let's hope this kind of issue won't escalate.

    Tip #2: Monitor your vehicle's handling as you slow down or come to stops.

    A healthy brake disc system should be able to provide you precise stopping power. This means that your vehicle remains in the direction you are steering when you use your brakes. However, if this veers to any other direction, your brake disc might be stuck between the calipers. Have this checked immediately.