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Subaru Outback Hitch

How to Take Care of Your Subaru Outback Hitch

The Subaru Outback is an ideal crossover SUV for your endeavors as a family man, professional, and traveler. The good thing about crossovers is the package it offers you. It has ample engine power, cozy cabin, ground clearance, and attractive styling. But you can actually do more with your vehicle if you get the right modifications. Mounting a Subaru Outback hitch will enable you to put a bicycle carrier at the back and even pull a light trailer for that weekend that you have been planning for so long. Once you have your hitch installed, you can finally enjoy its added benefits to your vehicle. However, you should also understand that part of having a hitch is maintaining it. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Subaru Outback hitch.

  • Wash your hitch with clean water.

The hitch will greatly appreciate regular sprays of water to rinse of the dirt that has accumulated on its surface. After the quick rinse, you dry up the part with a clean cloth. While water can rinse off particles, it will not be able to do much if neglect has led to layers and layers of stubborn dirt. This can go hand in hand with scrubbing.

  • Scrub your hitch with the aid of your trusted car shampoo.

To further clean your hitch after drenching it with water, soak a sponge or wash mitt to your car shampoo solution. Use this to scrub of the remaining marks, particles, and grime sticking on the surface of your hitch. Do so in gentle motion so as not to scratch the paint of the part. The car shampoo solution should help in loosening the particles and make the scrub less abrasive to the surface of the hitch.

  • Keep it away from moisture.

Keeping things dry under the chassis would benefit the components mounted in that area. You can do some preventive measures for your hitch by keeping it dry with regular wipes using a clean dry cloth after trips. You can further protect it from moisture and rust by coating your parts with rust-proofing solution.

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  • Installation Tips for Your Subaru Outback Hitch

    For one reason or another, you end up buying a Subaru Outback. The growing trend in people preferring crossover SUVs have become apparent in the last couple of years. Here you have is a vehicle capable of giving you a bit of everything. You have passenger car comfort, capable powertrain and suspension, and spacious cabin room to seat everyone in your bunch. What more can you ask for? Well actually, you can still benefit from further modifications. By installing a Subaru Outback hitch, you can make your crossover ready for a bike rack, light trailer, or other lifestyle contraptions for your vehicle. Should you ever decide to get a hitch for your crossover, you should have at least the slightest idea how to install one. Here are some tips:

    Tip #1: Know the kinds of stuff you want to carry and pull using your hitch.

    You should be aware that there are hitch classifications. They are categorized into five classes that correspond to their load capacity. This is why it is important to know what kind of stuff you will be using your hitch for. The goal is for you to get a hitch that is already capable of holding up with your heaviest load.

    Tip #2: Always check the compatibility of the hitch with your crossover.

    Not all car parts are made to be universally compatible. Before buying your Subaru Outback a decent hitch, you should be very specific with what part you need. Therefore, it is your job to indicate the model, year, and trim of your crossover SUV. This will save you time, money, and effort if you get the right part the first time around.

    Tip #3: Organize the equipment that you will be using for the installation.

    Make sure that you have everything you need before you begin with installation. You can consult the instruction manual to generate a checklist. This will enable you to focus on getting the job done in your workshop without delay.

    Tip #4: Jack your vehicle up or put it on a lifter.

    You will be working on the underside of your crossover. It will be best to elevate it for you to have ample space and angles as you work around the vehicle.